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Grafik Grafik Grafik Grafik Grafik


Changhong Deutschland GmbH

Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 104106
10553 Berlin

E-Mail: info@changhongeurope.de

65 inch TV sets

Changhong LED65D2500DS
Changhong LED65D2500ISX
Changhong UHD65Q2CISX

55 inch TV sets

Changhong LED55D2200
Changhong LED55D2200DS2
Changhong LED55E3000ISX
Changhong LED55E3500ISX2
Changhong UHD55B6000IS
Changhong UHD55B600IS
Changhong UHD55C5500IS
Changhong UHD55D5000IS
Changhong UHD55D5000ISX
Changhong UHD55D5500ISX2
Changhong UHD55E6600ISX2
Changhong UHD55Q2CISX

50 inch TV sets

Changhong 50B2510IS
ChangHong 50C1000
ChangHong 50C1000 Full-HD
Changhong LED50B2510IS
Changhong LED50C2000H
Changhong LED50C2000IS
Changhong LED50D3000ISX
Changhong LED50E3300ISX2
ChangHong P50F738
Changhong UHD50D5000ISX
Changhong UHD50D5500ISX2

49 inch TV sets

Changhong LED49D1000IS
Changhong LED49D1100ISX
Changhong LED49D2200ISX
Changhong LED49E2200T2
Changhong UHD49D6000ISX2
Changhong UHD49E5600ISX2
Changhong UHD49E6610ISX2

46 inch TV sets

Changhong EF46T718D

43 inch TV sets

Changhong UHD43D5000ISX

42 inch TV sets

ChangHong 3D42B4500IS
ChangHong 3D42P868IS
ChangHong 42C1000
ChangHong 42P868IS
Changhong E42F718
Changhong EF42F868S
Changhong EF42F898
Changhong EF42F898S
Changhong EF42T718D
Changhong EF42T718D white
Changhong L42F716
ChangHong LED42D2080DS
ChangHong PT42GJ09E M8
ChangHong PT42GJ09E V7
ChangHong Serie 680 42"
ChangHong Serie 680 42" Full-HD
ChangHong Serie 688 LT42
ChangHong Serie 688 LT42 Full-HD
Changhong UHD42C5500IS

40 inch TV sets

Changhong 40D1100ISX
Changhong LED40C1600D
Changhong LED40C1600DS
Changhong LED40D1000DS
Changhong LED40D1000IS
Changhong LED40D1100ISX
Changhong LED40D2080H
Changhong LED40D2080ST2
Changhong LED40D2200H
Changhong LED40D2200ST2
Changhong LED40E1090ST2
Changhong LED40E3500ISX2

39 inch TV sets

Changhong 39B2510IS
Changhong 39B3100H
Changhong LED39B2510IS
Changhong LED39D2200DS

37 inch TV sets

ChangHong LT3788E
ChangHong LT37GJ01E

32 inch TV sets

Changhong 32A3500
Changhong 32A4500
Changhong 32B1000H
Changhong 32B2510H
Changhong E32F868
Changhong EF32F718
Changhong EF32F718D
Changhong EF32F868
Changhong EF32F868DS
Changhong EF32F868S
Changhong EF32F898
Changhong EF32F898S
Changhong EF32T718D
Changhong L32F699
Changhong L32F726
Changhong LED32A3500
Changhong LED32A4500
Changhong LED32B1000H
Changhong LED32B2510H
Changhong LED32C2000H
Changhong LED32C2200DS
Changhong LED32C2200H
Changhong LED32C2800SF
Changhong LED32D2080ST2
Changhong LED32D2200DS
Changhong LED32D2200ST2
Changhong LED32E2200ST2
Changhong LF32F716D
Changhong LF32T699D
ChangHong LT3212E
ChangHong LT3288E
ChangHong LT32GJ01E
ChangHong LT32GJ12E
ChangHong LT32GJ88E
ChangHong Serie 680 32"
ChangHong Serie 688 LT32
ChangHong Serie 688 LT32 Full-HD

29 inch TV sets

Changhong 29A6500H
Changhong 29A6500K
Changhong 29A6500S
Changhong 29B1000S
Changhong LED29B1000S

28 inch TV sets

Changhong 28C2000S
Changhong LED28C2000H
Changhong LED28C2000S
Changhong LED28C2200DS
Changhong LED28C2200H
Changhong LED28D1500T2

26 inch TV sets

ChangHong LT2612E
ChangHong LT2688E
ChangHong LT26GJ01E
ChangHong LT26GJ12E
ChangHong LT26GJ88E
ChangHong Serie 680 26"
ChangHong Serie 688 LT26

24 inch TV sets

Changhong E24E718
Changhong EF24E868
Changhong EF24F868SD
Changhong EF24F888SD
Changhong EF24F898S
Changhong EF24F898SD
Changhong EF24X718
Changhong LED24C2000SD
Changhong LED24D1000SD
Changhong LED24D1000SD2
Changhong LED24D2200ST2
Changhong LF24F699
Changhong LF24F699H
Changhong LF24F716

22 inch TV sets

Changhong E22E718
Changhong EF22E868
Changhong EF22F718
Changhong EF22F868SD
Changhong EF22F888
Changhong EF22F888SD
Changhong EF22F888W
Changhong EF22F898
Changhong EF22F898SD
Changhong EF22H888W
Changhong EF22X718
Changhong L22F699
Changhong LED22D1000S
Changhong LED22T868
Changhong LF22X699
ChangHong Serie 680 22"
ChangHong Serie 686 22"

20 inch TV sets

Changhong LED20D2000ST2
ChangHong LT2012E
ChangHong LT2088E
ChangHong LT20GL02E
ChangHong LT20GL12E
ChangHong LT20GL88E
ChangHong LT20GN02E

19 inch TV sets

Changhong 19B1000H
Changhong 19D1000H
Changhong E19E718
Changhong E19E888
Changhong E19E888W
Changhong E19X718
Changhong EF19E888W
Changhong L19F699
Changhong LED19D2000H
Changhong LED19T868
Changhong LF19X699
ChangHong LT19GL06E
Changhong LT19GX699EB
ChangHong Serie 680 19"
ChangHong Serie 686 19"

16 inch TV sets

ChangHong Serie 680 15,6"
ChangHong Serie 686 15,6"

15 inch TV sets

ChangHong LT1512E
ChangHong LT15GL02E
ChangHong LT15GL06E
ChangHong LT15GL12E
ChangHong LT15GL88E
ChangHong LT15GN02E
ChangHong LT15GN06E
ChangHong LT15GN88E

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