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Häggviksvägen 25
S-191 50 Sollentuna

Telefon: +46 (0)844 - 18444
Telefax: +46 (0)844 - 18441

E-Mail: info@swedx.com

75 inch TV sets

Swedex SS-75K15-A2-PP1

65 inch TV sets

Swedex SS-65K15-A2-PP1
Swedex SS-65K15-A2S-PP1
Swedex SS-65K16-A2-PP1
Swedex SS-65Z14-A2-PP1
Swedex SS-65Z14-A2-PP2
Swedex SS65K15PP1-P1

58 inch TV sets

Swedex SS-58K13-A2-PP1
Swedex SS-58K13-A2-PP2
Swedex SS-58K14-A2-PP1
Swedex SS-58K14-A2-PP2
Swedex SS-58K15-A2-PP1
Swedex SS-58K15-A2S-PP1
Swedex SS-58K16-A2-PP1
Swedex SS-58Z14-A2-PP1
Swedex SS-58Z14-A2-PP2
Swedex SS58Z14A2PP1-ARM187
Swedex SS58Z14A2PP1-SSU02
Swedex SS58Z14A2PP2-ARM187
Swedex SS58Z14A2PP2-SSU02

52 inch TV sets

Swedex XV1-52TV-BE1-V3
Swedex XV1-52TV-SP1-V3

50 inch TV sets

Swedex SS-50K13-A2-PP1
Swedex SS-50K13-A2-PP2
Swedex SS-50K14-A2-PP1
Swedex SS-50K14-A2-PP2
Swedex SS-50K15-A2-PP1
Swedex SS-50K15-A2S-PP1
Swedex SS-50K16-A2-PP1
Swedex SS-50X14-A2-PP1
Swedex SS-50X14-SLV-PP1
Swedex SS-50X14-SLV-PP2
Swedex SS50X14SLV-PP1-ARM18
Swedex SS50X14SLV-PP1-SSU02
Swedex SS50X14SLV-PP2-ARM18
Swedex SS50X14SLV-PP2-SSU02

46 inch TV sets

Swedex SP-46X10-A2 black
Swedex SP-46X10-A2 blue
Swedex SP-46X10-A2 red
Swedex SP-46X10-A2 silver
Swedex SP-46X10-A2 white
Swedex SP-46X10-A2 yellow
Swedex SS-46X14-A2-PP1
Swedex SS-46X14-A2-PP2
Swedex XV1-46TV-BE1 X3
Swedex XV1-46TV-SP1
Swedex XV1-46TV-SP1 (v2)
Swedex XV1-46TV-SP1 X3

42 inch TV sets

Swedex SS-42K13-A2-PP1
Swedex SS-42K13-A2-PP2
Swedex SS-42K14-A2-PP1
Swedex SS-42K14-A2-PP2
Swedex SS-42K15-A2-PP1
Swedex SS-42K15-A2S-PP1

40 inch TV sets

Swedex SP-40X10-A2-MAX24 black
Swedex SP-40X10-A2-MAX24 red
Swedex SP-40X20-A2-MAX24 black
Swedex SP-40X20-A2-MAX24 red
Swedex SS-40X11-A2-PP1
Swedex SS-40X13-A2-PP1
Swedex SS-40X13-A2-PP2
Swedex SS-40X14-A2-F
Swedex SS-40X14-A2-PP1
Swedex SS-40X14-A2-PP2
Swedex SS40X14-SAB100
Swedex XV1-40TV-BE1
Swedex XV1-40TV-BE1 (v2)
Swedex XV1-40TV-BE1-V3
Swedex XV1-40TV-SP1
Swedex XV1-40TV-SP1 (v2)
Swedex XV1-40TV-SP1-V3

32 inch TV sets

Swedex LV-32T3-SP1
Swedex SP-32T10-A2-MAX24 red
Swedex SP-32T10-A2-MAX24 silver
Swedex SP-32T10-A2-MAX24 white
Swedex SP-32X10-A2-MAX24 red
Swedex SP-32X10-A2-MAX24 silver
Swedex SP-32X10-A2-MAX24 white
Swedex SS-32X14-A2-PP1
Swedex SS32X14-SSU02
Swedex XV1-32TV-AS1
Swedex XV1-32TV-BE1
Swedex XV1-32TV-BE1-V3
Swedex XV1-32TV-SP1
Swedex XV1-32TV-SP1-V3
Swedex XV1s-32TV-AS1
Swedex XV1s-32TV-BE1
Swedex XV1s-32TV-SP1
Swedex XV2-32TV-AS1
Swedex XV2-32TV-BE1
Swedex XV2-32TV-SP1

26 inch TV sets

Swedex SP-26T10-A2-MAX24 bee
Swedex SP-26T10-A2-MAX24 grey
Swedex SP-26T10-A2-MAX24 oak
Swedex SP-26T10-A2-MAX24 ora
Swedex SP-26T10-A2-MAX24 red
Swedex SP-26T10-A2-MAX24 ros
Swedex SP-26T10-A2-MAX24 sap
Swedex SP-26T10-A2-MAX24 silver
Swedex SP-26T10-A2-MAX24 white
Swedex SP-26T10-A2-MAX24 yellow
Swedex SP-26T8-A2 bee
Swedex SP-26T8-A2 grey
Swedex SP-26T8-A2 oak
Swedex SP-26T8-A2 ora
Swedex SP-26T8-A2 red
Swedex SP-26T8-A2 ros
Swedex SP-26T8-A2 sap
Swedex SP-26T8-A2 silver
Swedex SP-26T8-A2 white
Swedex SP-26T8-A2 yellow
Swedex XV1-26TV-BE1
Swedex XV1-26TV-SP1
Swedex XV1s-26TV-BE1
Swedex XV1s-26TV-SP1
Swedex XV2-26TV-BE1
Swedex XV2-26TV-SP1

19 inch TV sets

Swedex XV1-19TV-AS1
Swedex XV1-19TV-BE1
Swedex XV1-19TV-SP1

17 inch TV sets

Swedex XMTV1-17AS1
Swedex XMTV1-17BE1
Swedex XMTV1-17SP1

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