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Grafik Grafik Grafik Grafik Grafik


ORION ISP Kommanditgeselschaft

Dieter Lather
Max-Planck-Straße 20
63303 Dreieich

Telefon: +49 (0)6103 - 39990
Telefax: +49 (0)6103 - 399910

E-Mail: isp@orion-videotv.de

55 inch TV sets

Orion CLB55B1255S
Orion CLB55B1256S
Orion CLB55B4550S

50 inch TV sets

Orion CLB50B1000
Orion CLB50B1050S
Orion CLB50B1060S
Orion CLB50B1070S
Orion CLB50B1080S
Orion CLB50B1081S
Orion CLB50B1100
Orion CLB50B1100S
Orion CLB50B1200
Orion CLB50BS1090S
Orion TV-50127

48 inch TV sets

Orion CLB48B4000S
Orion CLB48B4800S

46 inch TV sets

Orion TV-46LB2000

43 inch TV sets

Orion CLB43B1350S

42 inch TV sets

Orion CLB42B1242S
Orion CLB42B1243S
Orion CLB42B4000S
Orion TV-42200
Orion TV-42400
Orion TV-42FX500D
Orion TV-42LB2000

40 inch TV sets

Orion CLB40B900
Orion CLB40B910
Orion CLB40B911
Orion CLB40B950S
Orion CLB40B960S
Orion CLB40B961S
Orion CLB40B962S
Orion CLB40BS970S
Orion TV-40FX6900
Orion TV-40LB140S
Orion TV-40LS140S

39 inch TV sets

Orion CLB39B920
Orion CLB39B980S
Orion LED 39LB139S
Orion LED 39LB939
Orion LED 39LS139S
Orion LED 39LS939

37 inch TV sets

Orion TV-37094
Orion TV-37294
Orion TV-37RN1
Orion TV-37RN10D
Orion TV-94400

32 inch TV sets

Orion CLB32B700
Orion CLB32B720
Orion CLB32B721
Orion CLB32B730
Orion CLB32B731
Orion CLB32B750S
Orion CLB32B760S
Orion CLB32B770S
Orion CLB32B771S
Orion CLB32B772S
Orion CLB32B7S0S
Orion CLB32B800D
Orion CLB32B800DS
Orion CLB32B810D
Orion CLB32B820D
Orion CLB32B850DS
Orion CLB32B860DS
Orion CLB32B870DS
Orion CLB32B880DS
Orion CLB32B890DS
Orion CLB32BS780S
Orion CLB32R890DS
Orion CLB32W860DS
Orion CLB32W870DS
Orion CLB32W880DS
Orion CLB32W890DS
Orion LED 32LB8915DVDS
Orion TV-32008 SI
Orion TV-32082
Orion TV-32282
Orion TV-32300 SI
Orion TV-32DPL6905DVD
Orion TV-32FW500D
Orion TV-32FX500D
Orion TV-32FX555BD
Orion TV-32FX6900
Orion TV-32LB1000
Orion TV-32LB1000 (w)
Orion TV-32LB132S
Orion TV-32LB2000
Orion TV-32LB7200
Orion TV-32LF3
Orion TV-32LS132S
Orion TV-32LW1000
Orion TV-32LW7100
Orion TV-32LW7200
Orion TV-32PL12
Orion TV-32PL120D
Orion TV-32PL14
Orion TV-32PL140D
Orion TV-32PL155DVD
Orion TV-32PL165DVD
Orion TV-32PL173D
Orion TV-32PL173DM
Orion TV-32PL178DVD
Orion TV-32PL690
Orion TV-32PL6905DVD
Orion TV-32PL690D
Orion TV-32PL7915DVD
Orion TV-32PW155DVD
Orion TV-32PW165DVD
Orion TV-32PW6905DVD
Orion TV-32PW7915DVD
Orion TV-32RN1
Orion TV-32RN10D
Orion TV-32RN2
Orion TV-32RN20D
Orion TV-81280
Orion TV-82332
Orion TV-82400

29 inch TV sets

Orion CLB29B660S
Orion LED 29LB129S
Orion LED 29LB929
Orion LED 29LS129S
Orion LED 29LS929

28 inch TV sets

Orion CLB28B500
Orion CLB28B510
Orion CLB28B550S
Orion CLB28B560S
Orion CLB28B600D
Orion CLB28B650D
Orion CLB28B650DS
Orion CLB28B670DS
Orion CLB28B680D
Orion CLB28B680DS
Orion CLB28W680D
Orion CLB28W680DS

27 inch TV sets

Orion TV-27300 SI
Orion TV-69400

26 inch TV sets

Orion TV-26066
Orion TV-26250
Orion TV-26266
Orion TV-26LB126S
Orion TV-26LB630
Orion TV-26LB900
Orion TV-26PL15
Orion TV-26PL155DVD
Orion TV-26PL156DVD
Orion TV-26PL165DVD
Orion TV-26PL172D
Orion TV-26PL177DVD
Orion TV-26PL6905DVD
Orion TV-26PL690D
Orion TV-26PL790
Orion TV-26PL7905DVD
Orion TV-26PW177DVD
Orion TV-26PW6905DVD
Orion TV-26PW7905DVD
Orion TV-26QPL6905
Orion TV-26RN1
Orion TV-26RN10D
Orion TV-26RN2
Orion TV-26RN20D

24 inch TV sets

Orion CLB24B300
Orion CLB24B310
Orion CLB24B350S
Orion CLB24B370S
Orion CLB24B380S
Orion CLB24B381S
Orion CLB24B385S
Orion CLB24B400D
Orion CLB24B450DS
Orion CLB24B470DS
Orion CLB24B475DS
Orion CLB24B480DS
Orion CLB24B485DS
Orion CLB24W370S
Orion CLB24W380S
Orion CLB24W475DS
Orion CLB24W480DS
Orion CLB24W485DS
Orion LED 24LB124S
Orion LED 24LB224DVDS
Orion LED 24LB910
Orion LED 24LB995DVD
Orion LED 24LS124S
Orion LED 24LS224DVDS
Orion LED 24LS910
Orion LED 24LS995DVD
Orion TV-24LB860
Orion TV-24LB870
Orion TV-24LB880
Orion TV-24LB890
Orion TV-24LB975DVD
Orion TV-24LB985DVD
Orion TV-24LW975DVD
Orion TV-24LW985DVD
Orion TV-24QBK915DVD (b)
Orion TV-24QBK915DVD (l)
Orion TV-24QBK915DVD (w)

23 inch TV sets

Orion TV-2322 SI
Orion TV-23LB2000

22 inch TV sets

Orion CLB22B100
Orion CLB22B110
Orion CLB22B150S
Orion CLB22B160S
Orion CLB22B161S
Orion CLB22B200D
Orion CLB22B250DS
Orion CLB22B260DS
Orion CLB22B270DS
Orion CLB22B280DS
Orion CLB22RT500D
Orion CLB22W160S
Orion CLB22W270DS
Orion CLB22W280DS
Orion LED 22LB122S
Orion LED 22LB222DVDS
Orion LED 22LS850
Orion LED 22LW122S
Orion LED 22LW222DVDS
Orion TV-22LB122S
Orion TV-22LB800
Orion TV-22LB810
Orion TV-22LB815DVD
Orion TV-22LB825DVD
Orion TV-22LB830
Orion TV-22LB840
Orion TV-22LB845DVD
Orion TV-22LW815DVD
Orion TV-22LW825DVD
Orion TV-22LW840
Orion TV-22LW845DVD
Orion TV-22PL140D
Orion TV-22PL145DVD
Orion TV-22PL151D
Orion TV-22PL156DVD
Orion TV-22PL160
Orion TV-22PL160D
Orion TV-22PL161D
Orion TV-22PL166DVD
Orion TV-22PL835DVD
Orion TV-22PW145DVD
Orion TV-22PW156DVD
Orion TV-22PW166DVD

20 inch TV sets

Orion TV-20006 SI
Orion TV-2021 SI
Orion TV-20300 SI
Orion TV-20RN1
Orion TV-20RN10D
Orion TV-20SL1

19 inch TV sets

Orion TV-19LB500
Orion TV-19PL110D
Orion TV-19PL120DVD
Orion TV-19PL140D
Orion TV-19PL145DVD
Orion TV-19PL150D
Orion TV-19PL150DVD
Orion TV-19PL155DVD
Orion TV-19PL160D
Orion TV-19PL160DVD
Orion TV-19PL165DVD
Orion TV-19PW145DVD
Orion TV-19PW150DVD
Orion TV-19PW165DVD

15 inch TV sets

Orion TV-1521 SI

8 inch TV sets

Orion TV-812

7 inch TV sets

Orion TV-712
Orion TV-713

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