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Grafik Grafik Grafik Grafik Grafik


HITACHI Digital Media

Dornacher Str.3
D-85622 Feldkirchen

Telefon: +49 (0)89 - 991800
Telefax: +49 (0)89 - 99180353

TechnikService24 GmbH & Co KG
Gold-Zack-Str. 7-9
40822 Mettmann

Telefon: 01805 - 246010
Telefax: 01805 - 244022

60 inch TV sets

Hitachi P60XR01

55 inch TV sets

Hitachi 55PD9700C

50 inch TV sets

Hitachi 50HE1321S1
Hitachi P50T01
Hitachi P50TP01
Hitachi P50XR01

47 inch TV sets

Hitachi L47VP01

42 inch TV sets

Hitachi 42PD8600
Hitachi 42PD8700
Hitachi 42PD9700
Hitachi L42SP04
Hitachi L42VP01C
Hitachi L42VP01U
Hitachi L42X01AU
Hitachi P42A01
Hitachi P42T01
Hitachi P42TP01
Hitachi UT42MX70

40 inch TV sets

Hitachi 40H6L03-G
Hitachi 40HE1321S1

37 inch TV sets

Hitachi 37LD6600
Hitachi 37LD8500
Hitachi 37LD8600
Hitachi 37LD8700
Hitachi 37LD9000DTA
Hitachi 37LD9700
Hitachi L37V01
Hitachi L37VP01
Hitachi L37X01
Hitachi L37X01AU
Hitachi UT37MX70

32 inch TV sets

Hitachi 32HE1321S1
Hitachi 32LD6200
Hitachi 32LD6600
Hitachi 32LD7200
Hitachi 32LD8600
Hitachi 32LD8700
Hitachi 32LD9700
Hitachi L32A01
Hitachi L32H01
Hitachi L32HP01
Hitachi L32HP03
Hitachi L32VP03
Hitachi UT32MH70

28 inch TV sets

Hitachi 28LD5200

26 inch TV sets

Hitachi 26H8L02
Hitachi 26HE1310S0
Hitachi 26LD6200
Hitachi 26LD6600
Hitachi L26A01
Hitachi L26H01
Hitachi L26HP03

24 inch TV sets

Hitachi 24HE1311S0
Hitachi 24HE1410S
Hitachi 24HE2320S1-DVD

22 inch TV sets

Hitachi 22HE1311S0
Hitachi 22HE1311S0-DVD
Hitachi 22HE1321S1
Hitachi 22HE1321S1-DVD
Hitachi 22HE2321S1-DVD
Hitachi 22LD4200
Hitachi 22LD4500

17 inch TV sets

Hitachi 17LD4200
Hitachi 17LD4220
Hitachi 17LD6200

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