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Grafik Grafik Grafik Grafik Grafik


Sharp Electronics (Europe) GmbH

Sonninstraße 3
20097 Hamburg

Telefon: +49 (0)40 - 2376-0
Telefax: +49 (0)40 - 23762510

E-Mail: sharpinfo.de@sharp.eu

90 inch TV sets

Sharp LC-90LE757E

80 inch TV sets

Sharp LC-80LE645E
Sharp LC-80LE657E
Sharp LC-80LE857E
Sharp LC-80UQ10E
Sharp LC-80UQ10EN

70 inch TV sets

Sharp LC-70LE740E
Sharp LC-70LE747E
Sharp LC-70LE830E
Sharp LC-70LE835E
Sharp LC-70LE857E
Sharp LC-70UD20EN
Sharp LC-70UQ10E
Sharp LC-70UQ10EN

65 inch TV sets

Sharp LC-65GE1E
Sharp LC-65XS1E
Sharp LC-65XUF8772ES

60 inch TV sets

Sharp LC-60LE635E
Sharp LC-60LE651E
Sharp LC-60LE652E
Sharp LC-60LE652EMK2
Sharp LC-60LE740E
Sharp LC-60LE752E
Sharp LC-60LE822E
Sharp LC-60LE830E
Sharp LC-60LE835E
Sharp LC-60LE840E
Sharp LC-60LE857E
Sharp LC-60LE925E
Sharp LC-60UD20EN
Sharp LC-60UQ10E
Sharp LC-60UQ10EN

55 inch TV sets

Sharp LC-55CFE6241E
Sharp LC-55CFE6241K
Sharp LC-55CFE6242E
Sharp LC-55CFE6352E
Sharp LC-55CFE6352K
Sharp LC-55CFE6452E
Sharp LC-55CUF8462ES
Sharp LC-55CUF8472ES
Sharp LC-55SFE7332E
Sharp LC-55SFE7332K
Sharp LC-55SFE7452E
Sharp LC-55SFE7452K
Sharp LC-55XUE8772ES
Sharp LC-55XUE8772KS
Sharp LC-55XUF8772ES

52 inch TV sets

Sharp LC-52D65E
Sharp LC-52DH77E
Sharp LC-52HD1E
Sharp LC-52LE700E
Sharp LC-52LE705E
Sharp LC-52LE820E
Sharp LC-52LE822E
Sharp LC-52LE830E
Sharp LC-52X20E
Sharp LC-52XD1E
Sharp LC-52XL1E
Sharp LC-52XL2E
Sharp LC-52XS1E

50 inch TV sets

Sharp LC-50CFE5100E
Sharp LC-50CFE5101E
Sharp LC-50CFE5101K
Sharp LC-50CFE5102E
Sharp LC-50CFE5111E
Sharp LC-50CFE5111K
Sharp LC-50CFE5112E
Sharp LC-50CFE6131E
Sharp LC-50CFE6131K
Sharp LC-50CFE6132E
Sharp LC-50LD264E
Sharp LC-50LD265E
Sharp LC-50LE650E
Sharp LC-50LE652E
Sharp LC-50LE752E
Sharp LC-50LE758EN
Sharp LC-50LE759EN
Sharp LC-50LE760E
Sharp LC-50LE761E
Sharp LC-50LE762E
Sharp LC-50LE771EN
Sharp LC-50LE772EN

49 inch TV sets

Sharp LC-49CFE4042E
Sharp LC-49CFE5001E
Sharp LC-49CFE5001K
Sharp LC-49CFE5002E
Sharp LC-49CFE5221E
Sharp LC-49CFE5221K
Sharp LC-49CFE5222E
Sharp LC-49CFE6031E
Sharp LC-49CFE6031K
Sharp LC-49CFE6032E
Sharp LC-49CFE6032K
Sharp LC-49CFE6241E
Sharp LC-49CFE6241K
Sharp LC-49CFE6242E
Sharp LC-49CFE6351E
Sharp LC-49CFE6351K
Sharp LC-49CFE6352E
Sharp LC-49CFE6452E
Sharp LC-49CFF6002E
Sharp LC-49CUF8462ES
Sharp LC-49SFE7331E
Sharp LC-49SFE7332E
Sharp LC-49SFE7332K
Sharp LC-49SFE7451E
Sharp LC-49SFE7452E
Sharp LC-49SFE7452K
Sharp LC-49XUE8772ES
Sharp LC-49XUE8772KS
Sharp LC-49XUF8772ES

48 inch TV sets

Sharp LC-48CFE4042E
Sharp LC-48CFF6002E

46 inch TV sets

Sharp LC-46D65E
Sharp LC-46DH77E
Sharp LC-46HD1E
Sharp LC-46LD264E
Sharp LC-46LD265E
Sharp LC-46LE540E
Sharp LC-46LE542E
Sharp LC-46LE600E
Sharp LC-46LE630E
Sharp LC-46LE632E
Sharp LC-46LE700E
Sharp LC-46LE705E
Sharp LC-46LE730E
Sharp LC-46LE732E
Sharp LC-46LE810E
Sharp LC-46LE812E
Sharp LC-46LE814E
Sharp LC-46LE820E
Sharp LC-46LE822E
Sharp LC-46LE824E
Sharp LC-46LE830E
Sharp LC-46LE925E
Sharp LC-46LU632E
Sharp LC-46LX705E
Sharp LC-46LX810E
Sharp LC-46X20E
Sharp LC-46XD1E
Sharp LC-46XL1E
Sharp LC-46XL2E

45 inch TV sets

Sharp LC-45GD1E
Sharp LC-45GD9E

43 inch TV sets

Sharp LC-43CFE5100E
Sharp LC-43CFE5101E
Sharp LC-43CFE5101K
Sharp LC-43CFE5102E
Sharp LC-43CFE5111E
Sharp LC-43CFE5111K
Sharp LC-43CFE5112E
Sharp LC-43CFE5200E
Sharp LC-43CFE5221E
Sharp LC-43CFE5221K
Sharp LC-43CFE5222E
Sharp LC-43CFE6131E
Sharp LC-43CFE6131K
Sharp LC-43CFE6132E
Sharp LC-43CFE6241E
Sharp LC-43CFE6241K
Sharp LC-43CFE6242E
Sharp LC-43CFE6351E
Sharp LC-43CFE6351K
Sharp LC-43CFE6352E
Sharp LC-43CFE6452E
Sharp LC-43CFF6002E
Sharp LC-43CFG6452E
Sharp LC-43SFE7331E
Sharp LC-43SFE7331K
Sharp LC-43SFE7332E
Sharp LC-43SFE7451E
Sharp LC-43SFE7451K
Sharp LC-43SFE7452E
Sharp LC-43XUE8772ES
Sharp LC-43XUE8772KS
Sharp LC-43XUF8772ES

42 inch TV sets

Sharp LC-42AD5EBK
Sharp LC-42AD5EGY
Sharp LC-42BG1E
Sharp LC-42DH77E
Sharp LC-42LD264E
Sharp LC-42LD265E
Sharp LC-42LD761E
Sharp LC-42LE320E
Sharp LC-42LE320E-BK
Sharp LC-42LE758EN
Sharp LC-42LE759EN
Sharp LC-42LE760E
Sharp LC-42LE761E
Sharp LC-42LE762E
Sharp LC-42LE771EN
Sharp LC-42LE772EN
Sharp LC-42RD1E
Sharp LC-42RD2E
Sharp LC-42SA1E
Sharp LC-42SD1E
Sharp LC-42SH330E
Sharp LC-42SH7E
Sharp LC-42WD1E
Sharp LC-42X20E
Sharp LC-42XD1E
Sharp LC-42XL2E

40 inch TV sets

Sharp LC-40CFE4042E
Sharp LC-40CFE5100E
Sharp LC-40CFE5111E
Sharp LC-40CFE5111K
Sharp LC-40CFE5112E
Sharp LC-40CFE5200E
Sharp LC-40CFE5221E
Sharp LC-40CFE5221K
Sharp LC-40CFE5222E
Sharp LC-40CFE6131E
Sharp LC-40CFE6131K
Sharp LC-40CFE6132E
Sharp LC-40CFE6241E
Sharp LC-40CFE6241K
Sharp LC-40CFE6242E
Sharp LC-40CFE6351E
Sharp LC-40CFE6351K
Sharp LC-40CFE6452E
Sharp LC-40CFF5222E
Sharp LC-40CFG6452E
Sharp LC-40LE240E
Sharp LC-40LE340E
Sharp LC-40LE362EN
Sharp LC-40LE510E
Sharp LC-40LE530E
Sharp LC-40LE540E
Sharp LC-40LE542E
Sharp LC-40LE600E
Sharp LC-40LE630E
Sharp LC-40LE632E
Sharp LC-40LE700E
Sharp LC-40LE705E
Sharp LC-40LE730E
Sharp LC-40LE732E
Sharp LC-40LE810E
Sharp LC-40LE812E
Sharp LC-40LE814E
Sharp LC-40LE820E
Sharp LC-40LE822E
Sharp LC-40LE824E
Sharp LC-40LE830E
Sharp LC-40LE924E
Sharp LC-40LU632E
Sharp LC-40LU705E
Sharp LC-40LX630E
Sharp LC-40LX705E
Sharp LC-40LX810E
Sharp LC-46LE510E

39 inch TV sets

Sharp LC-39LD145E
Sharp LC-39LE350E-BK
Sharp LC-39LE350E-WH
Sharp LC-39LE352E-BK
Sharp LC-39LE352E-WH
Sharp LC-39LE650E
Sharp LC-39LE652E
Sharp LC-39LE752E

37 inch TV sets

Sharp LC-37AD1E
Sharp LC-37AD5EBK
Sharp LC-37AD5EGY
Sharp LC-37BT8E
Sharp LC-37BV8E
Sharp LC-37BV9E
Sharp LC-37D44EBK
Sharp LC-37D44EGY
Sharp LC-37D44U
Sharp LC-37D65E
Sharp LC-37GA3E
Sharp LC-37GA4E
Sharp LC-37GA5E
Sharp LC-37GA6E
Sharp LC-37GA8E
Sharp LC-37GA9E
Sharp LC-37GD1E
Sharp LC-37GD1EA
Sharp LC-37GD7E
Sharp LC-37GD8E
Sharp LC-37GD9E
Sharp LC-37GE1E
Sharp LC-37GS6E
Sharp LC-37HV4E
Sharp LC-37HV4EB/AN-37L4T
Sharp LC-37HV4EB/AN-37U4B
Sharp LC-37HV4EB/AN-37U4R
Sharp LC-37LE320E
Sharp LC-37LE320E-BK
Sharp LC-37P50E
Sharp LC-37P55E
Sharp LC-37P70E
Sharp LC-37RA1E
Sharp LC-37RD1E
Sharp LC-37RD2E
Sharp LC-37SA1E
Sharp LC-37SD1E
Sharp LC-37SV1E
Sharp LC-37WD1E
Sharp LC-37X20E
Sharp LC-37XD1E
Sharp LC-37XL8E
Sharp LC-M3700

32 inch TV sets

Sharp LC-32A47E-BK
Sharp LC-32AD5EBK
Sharp LC-32AD5EGY
Sharp LC-32BT8E
Sharp LC-32BV6E
Sharp LC-32BV8E
Sharp LC-32BV9E
Sharp LC-32CFE5100E
Sharp LC-32CFE5101E
Sharp LC-32CFE5101K
Sharp LC-32CFE5102E
Sharp LC-32CFE5112E
Sharp LC-32CFE5200E
Sharp LC-32CFE5221E
Sharp LC-32CFE5221K
Sharp LC-32CFE5222E
Sharp LC-32CFE6131E
Sharp LC-32CFE6131K
Sharp LC-32CFE6132E
Sharp LC-32CFE6241E
Sharp LC-32CFE6241K
Sharp LC-32CFE6242E
Sharp LC-32CFE6351E
Sharp LC-32CFE6351K
Sharp LC-32CFE6352E
Sharp LC-32CFE642E
Sharp LC-32CFE6452E
Sharp LC-32CHE4042E
Sharp LC-32CHE5100E
Sharp LC-32CHE5100EW
Sharp LC-32CHE5112E
Sharp LC-32CHE5112EW
Sharp LC-32CHE5200E
Sharp LC-32CHE5221E
Sharp LC-32CHE5221K
Sharp LC-32CHE5222E
Sharp LC-32CHE6131E
Sharp LC-32CHE6131K
Sharp LC-32CHE6132E
Sharp LC-32CHE6241E
Sharp LC-32CHE6241K
Sharp LC-32CHE6242E
Sharp LC-32D44EBK
Sharp LC-32D44EGY
Sharp LC-32D44U
Sharp LC-32D653E
Sharp LC-32D65E
Sharp LC-32DH500E
Sharp LC-32DH57E-BK
Sharp LC-32DH57E-GY
Sharp LC-32DH77E
Sharp LC-32DHE5111K
Sharp LC-32DHE5111KW
Sharp LC-32DV200E
Sharp LC-32FH510E
Sharp LC-32GA3E
Sharp LC-32GA4E
Sharp LC-32GA5E
Sharp LC-32GA6E
Sharp LC-32GA8E
Sharp LC-32GA9E
Sharp LC-32GD1E
Sharp LC-32GD1EA
Sharp LC-32GD7E
Sharp LC-32GD8E
Sharp LC-32GD9E
Sharp LC-32LD135E
Sharp LC-32LD145E
Sharp LC-32LD164E
Sharp LC-32LD165E
Sharp LC-32LE244E
Sharp LC-32LE320E
Sharp LC-32LE320E-BK
Sharp LC-32LE320EWH
Sharp LC-32LE340E
Sharp LC-32LE350E-BK
Sharp LC-32LE350E-WH
Sharp LC-32LE350V-BK
Sharp LC-32LE350V-WH
Sharp LC-32LE352E-BK
Sharp LC-32LE352E-WH
Sharp LC-32LE362EN
Sharp LC-32LE430E
Sharp LC-32LE510E
Sharp LC-32LE530E
Sharp LC-32LE600E
Sharp LC-32LE630E
Sharp LC-32LE632E
Sharp LC-32LE700E
Sharp LC-32LE705E
Sharp LC-32LU632E
Sharp LC-32LU705E
Sharp LC-32LX630E
Sharp LC-32LX705E
Sharp LC-32P50E
Sharp LC-32P55E
Sharp LC-32P70E
Sharp LC-32RA1E
Sharp LC-32RD1E
Sharp LC-32RD2E
Sharp LC-32RD8E
Sharp LC-32SA1E
Sharp LC-32SD1E
Sharp LC-32SH330E
Sharp LC-32SH7E
Sharp LC-32SV1E
Sharp LC-32WD1E
Sharp LC-32X20E
Sharp LC-32XL8E

30 inch TV sets

Sharp LC-30AD1E
Sharp LC-30HV4E

26 inch TV sets

Sharp LC-26AD5EBK
Sharp LC-26AD5EGY
Sharp LC-26BV6E
Sharp LC-26D44EBK
Sharp LC-26D44EGY
Sharp LC-26DV200E
Sharp LC-26GA3E
Sharp LC-26GA4E
Sharp LC-26GA5E
Sharp LC-26GA6E
Sharp LC-26GD7E
Sharp LC-26GD9E
Sharp LC-26LE320E
Sharp LC-26LE320E-BK
Sharp LC-26LE320EWH
Sharp LC-26LE430E
Sharp LC-26P50E
Sharp LC-26P55E
Sharp LC-26P70E
Sharp LC-26S7E-BK
Sharp LC-26SA1E
Sharp LC-26SD1E
Sharp LC-26SH330E
Sharp LC-26SH7E-BK
Sharp LC-26SV1E
Sharp LC-26WD1E

24 inch TV sets

Sharp LC-24CHE4000E
Sharp LC-24CHE4000ES
Sharp LC-24CHE4000EW
Sharp LC-24CHE4012E
Sharp LC-24CHE4012ES
Sharp LC-24CHE4012EW
Sharp LC-24CHF4012E
Sharp LC-24CHF4012ES
Sharp LC-24DHE4011E
Sharp LC-24DHE4011K
Sharp LC-24DHE4011KW
Sharp LC-24DV250E
Sharp LC-24DV510E
Sharp LC-24LD171E
Sharp LC-24LE240E
Sharp LC-24LE240EX
Sharp LC-24LE250E-BK
Sharp LC-24LE250E-WH
Sharp LC-24LE510E

22 inch TV sets

Sharp LC-22AD1E
Sharp LC-22CFE4000E
Sharp LC-22CFE4000ES
Sharp LC-22CFE4000EW
Sharp LC-22CFE4012E
Sharp LC-22CFE4012ES
Sharp LC-22CFE4012EW
Sharp LC-22DFE4011E
Sharp LC-22DFE4011K
Sharp LC-22DFE4011KW
Sharp LC-22DV200E
Sharp LC-22DV240E
Sharp LC-22LE240E
Sharp LC-22LE250E
Sharp LC-22LE320E
Sharp LC-22LE320E-BK
Sharp LC-22LE320EWH
Sharp LC-22LE430E
Sharp LC-22LE510E
Sharp LC-22SV2E

20 inch TV sets

Sharp LC-20AD5EBK
Sharp LC-20AD5EGY
Sharp LC-20B2EA
Sharp LC-20B4E
Sharp LC-20B5E
Sharp LC-20B6E
Sharp LC-20B6EE
Sharp LC-20C2EA
Sharp LC-20E1E
Sharp LC-20S1E
Sharp LC-20S4E
Sharp LC-20S5E-BK
Sharp LC-20S5E-GY
Sharp LC-20S5E-WH
Sharp LC-20SD4E
Sharp LC-20SD5E
Sharp LC-20SH1E
Sharp LC-20WD1E

19 inch TV sets

Sharp LC-19A1EBK
Sharp LC-19D1EBK
Sharp LC-19DV200E
Sharp LC-19LE320E
Sharp LC-19LE320E-BK
Sharp LC-19LE320EWH
Sharp LC-19LE430E
Sharp LC-19LE510E
Sharp LC-19S7E-BK
Sharp LC-19SH7E-BK

15 inch TV sets

Sharp LC-15B2EA
Sharp LC-15B4E
Sharp LC-15B5E
Sharp LC-15C2EA
Sharp LC-15E1E
Sharp LC-15L1E
Sharp LC-15S1E
Sharp LC-15SH1E

13 inch TV sets

Sharp LC-13B2E
Sharp LC-13B4E
Sharp LC-13C2E
Sharp LC-13E1E
Sharp LC-13S1E
Sharp LC-13SH1E

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