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What is the perfect way to clean my LCD-TV?

Autor: Johannes Post
04/22/2005, 01:11 CET

First, you should turn off the LCD TV monitor. If the device does not have a power switch for separating it from the power line, we definitely recommend pulling the power plug out of the wall.

There is basically no difference in cleaning an LCD TV device to cleaning a display. For the case, we recommend a rough textured micro fiber cloth that catches dust very well and thereby facilitates an effective cleaning of the case. You can make the cloth a little wet for tougher impurities. Try not to exert too much pressure on the outer areas near at the panel frame.

The picture shows micro fiber cloth with rougher fiber structure (macro scaled picture).

Important: You mustn't use household cleaning agents by any means! These contain substances having the potential to damage and erode the plastic of the case.

The display area - in other words the panel itself - should be cleaned with great caution. We recommend a very fine structured micro fiber cloth. Wipe it from left to right each time and guide the cloth to the lower border in smooth and uniform movements. Make sure you don't apply too much pressure when wiping it so the panel and respectively the anti reflection coating doesn't take any damage. You can moisten the micro fiber cloth with a little bit of water if the panel has a lot of tough impurities on it. By no means should the cloth be wet or even dripping wet! Admittedly, if possible one should always prefer special cleaning agents that were developed for LCD displays.

The picture shows micro fiber cloth with fine fiber structure (macro scaled picture).

Important: In this case too, you should by no means use household cleaning agents! These sometimes contain substances with the potential to damage and erode - or in a worst case scenario destroy - your anti reflection coating.

Prad advice:
The company Rogge offers the cleaning agent Screen-Clean. Screen-Clean has been specially developed for the purpose of cleaning LCD panels and thereby is also perfectly suited for cleaning the panel of an LCD TV device.

You can read our detailed review of Screen Clean here.

Online resource for Rogge products:

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