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REVIEW: Samsung LE-32A656A1F Part 8

Analogue channel

When the TV is connected via an analogue antenna or cable, the stations can be searched for, station fine tuning can be carried out, noise suppression can be activated and stations can be managed. However, we did not use analogue mode and instead played back the image digitally.

If you use a HDTV to view analogue television images, you need not wonder about the mediocre image quality. Here, we can only advise you to use DVB-C or DVB-S (here, see Reception above).


Here, basic settings such as the menu language or date and time can be changed. In addition, some advanced settings are available for selection such as Games mode, Energy-saving mode, (4 levels) and a PiP and PbP function (Picture-in-picture and split screen or Picture-by-picture).


The signal inputs are managed from this point: as well as selecting the signal source, the user can allocate his/her own labels to the inputs in order to be able to distinguish better between them. Other functions offered here are "Anynet+", which is used to run devices via HDMI, and "Wiselink", which makes it possible to access a USB data carrier.

Digital menu

This is the counterpart to the menu option "analogue channel"; the only difference being that here, settings and channel management can be made for DVB-T mode (digital antenna television).


Pushing the "Tools" button on the remote control calls up a menu where the user makes changes quickly and easily for other settings such as Colour Profile, Sound Profile or PiP.


The Wiselink function allows images to be displayed in JPEG format and music to be played back in the MP3 standard. It is also possible to launch a slideshow with photos saved on a USB stick and add music. Images can be zoomed in on and turned.

Video clips, regardless of the format, cannot be played back. The Samsung LE-32A656A1F supports FAT16/32, but our attempt to access a USB hard drive with a FAT32 file format failed. We did not investigate whether this was caused by the HD, the USB port, the file format or the size.

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