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REVIEW: Samsung LE-32A656A1F Part 6


The Samsung LE-32A656A1F is equipped with a combi-tuner for receiving analogue TV via antenna or cable and digital television via DVB-T. We are of the opinion that neither the analogue nor the "inferior" DVB-T signal is suitable for playing back reasonable image material on a HD television.

We recommend an external receiver for receiving digital cable TV (DVB-C) or, better still, digital satellite television (DVB-S). If the receiver then supports HDTV, it is perfect, even though most Free TV broadcasters do not yet broadcast in HD quality or only broadcast a small amount in HD. The situation with HDTV content is considerably better with Pay TV suppliers such as Premiere.

You can find an analysis of the HDTV situation in Germany in our report "Embarrassing: HD television reception virtually non-existent in Germany".

Controls and menu

The Samsung LE-32A656A1F has seven sensor buttons on the left side on the lower frame, but unfortunately, these can hardly be recognised, even in good lighting. The LCD-TV also comes with a remote control, which functions very well, even when it is pointed in the direction of the ceiling, for example.

This schematic diagram shows the function and position of the sensor buttons.

The buttons on the remote control, which are quite large, can be illuminated at the touch of a button, which is really practical in a darkened room. Unfortunately, the control concept for the Samsung LE-32A656A1F is less successful.

Here, for example, the signal inputs cannot be selected directly, but only in order using the "Source" button. This principle also applies for other functions, which is simply irritating in the long term.


Remote control for the LE-32A656A1F. Please click for enlarged view.

Practical: When the button illumination is active, the buttons are easy to recognize, even in the dark.

The thing we really do not like about the remote control is the plastic exterior in black piano lacquer design. Whoever had this completely nonsensical idea at Samsung should have the dirty remote controls brought to them for cleaning. After all, no-one handles a remote control with gloves and thus, the high-gloss surface is covered with ugly fingerprints after a short time, which looks anything but good.

The Menu (OSD) of the LCD television offers a large number of adjustment options which we will explain in more detail below. We cannot touch on all details, since this would be outside the scope of the test.

Starting from the main menu, the following menu options were selected: Picture, Sound, Analogue channel, Settings, Input and Digital menu.


Here, a large number of adjustment options are available: from the Dynamic, Film and Standard profiles, through Brightness, Contrast and Sharpness to additional image parameters such as Black balance, White balance or Gamma, Samsung has thought of everything.

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