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REVIEW: Samsung LE-32A656A1F Part 5

When switched off, the LE-32A656A1F makes no sound. When the television is in use, the bandwidth ranges from silent to a slight humming depending on the mode of use. The humming can hardly be heard from a distance of about 1.50 metres. However, since a television is hardly ever run without sound, we rank the sound production here as insignificant in practice.

The maximum power consumption of the LE-32A656A1F in use is 200 watts according to Samsung. When the TV is switched off, the power consumption should be less than 1 watt. In practice, the power consumption depends on the settings and the user mode.

Power consumption

Typical power consumption Measured
Backlight 10 / brightness 100% 171,6 W
Backlight 10 / brightness 50% 168,1 W
Backlight 10 / brightness 0% 164,8 W
Backlight 5 / brightness 100 % 124,7 W
Backlight 5 / brightness 50% 120,7 W
Backlight 5 / brightness 0 % 117,8 W
Backlight 0 / brightness 100% 73,7 W
Backlight 0 / brightness 50 % 71,9 W
Backlight 0 / brightness 0% 70,5 W

The maximum power consumption we measured for the LE-32A656A1F was 174,4 watts, which is less than the value advertised by the manufacturer. When the model was switched off, we measured power consumption of 0,6 watts, which is also within a normal range.

Samsung has not included a power switch for separating the television completely from the mains. If you wish t o separate the LCD TV completely from the mains, you will have to unplug it or use an extension lead with a power switch. We should also mention that the time set is not buffered and every time the television is switched on again after having been removed completely from the power supply, the time must be entered anew.

Power consumption can be reduced further using a four-level energy saving function, but this is mainly achieved using strong or not so strong dimming of the backlight. In normal usage (backlight 5 and 50 percent brightness), the model’s power consumption is about 120 watts, which is a good value.


The Samsung LE-32A656A1F comes with a wide range of audio and video connectors, which are located on the back and on the left side of the model. Worth mentioning in particular here are four HDMI 1.3 inputs, three on the back of the television and one on the left side. The CI card slot is also located on the left side of the model, above the auto and video connections located there.

Left: Connectors on the back. Right: Further connectors on the left side.

The CI card slot is located on the left side above the side audio and video connections.

The Samsung LE-32A656A1F offers the following connectors:

· 4 x HDMI 1.3
· 1 x Component
· 2 x SCART
· 1 x D-Sub VGA
· 1 x S-Video
· 1 x Video FABS
· 1 x Audio-OUT L/R Cinch
· 1 x digital Audio-OUT (optical)
· 3 x Audio-IN L/R Cinch
· 1 x Audio-IN 3,5 mm Stereo jack
· 1 x Kopfhörerausgang 3,5 mm Stereo jack
· 1 x USB 2.0
· 1 x Service port (RS232C)
· 1 x CI card slot
· 1 x Antenna/Cable
· 1 x Power connection

The digital HDMI connections support HDCP copy protection as standard. If you would like to connect a PC via DVI-to-HDMI cable to the LE-32A656A1F, you should use the HDMI2 input, which is intended for this purpose.

Since no sound can be transferred via a DVI-to-HDMI cable, when the HDMI2 port is used, the Audio-IN L/R Cinch inputs to the left of the port can be used for this purpose. When switching HDMI inputs, it can last a few seconds until the LE-32A656A1F recognizes the digital image signal.

You can fund further general information on video connections in our "Video connectors for the consumer market".

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