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REVIEW: Samsung LE-32A656A1F Part 3

Design and mechanics

The Samsung LE-32A656A1F is a very handy model with its 32 inch (81 cm) screen diagonal and a weight of 13,8 kilograms and the user can set it up alone without any difficulty. The television is 80,6 cm wide, 58,5 cm high and 25,2 cm deep with the base.

Front of the LE-32A656A1F: the sticker on the edge provides information about the characteristics of the model.

The entire front and back including the stand come in a black piano lacquer design. The front has a two-tone look (Ruby black) which is more or less intense depending on the light falling onto the television; Samsung has named this "Crystal Design". On the left and right, the frame measures 5,4 cm in width; on the top it measures 5,8 cm and at its widest point on the bottom, the frame is 7,9 cm wide.

Detail of the frame: the ruby black Crystal Design effect is clearly visible at the top, as are the reflections on the high-gloss surface.

The exterior of the LE-32A656A1F gives off an air of high-quality elegance and looks very chic. They disadvantage of high gloss surfaces is their vulnerability – every fingerprint and particle of dust can be seen.

You should therefore plan to wipe off the front and base every day in order to make sure that the elegant design loses none of its panache. This is probably also the reason why Samsung includes a suitable cleaning cloth with the LCD TV!

A rotating mechanism is integrated into the base with which the TV can be turned 20 degrees left and right.

Measuring 25,2 cm including the base, the Samsung LE-32A656A1F is hardly deeper than a desktop monitor.

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