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REVIEW: Samsung LE-32A656A1F Part 16

Picture from the PC game "Counter-Strike: Source" (Resolution 1.920 x 1.080 with 60Hz).

With the LE-32A656A1F, not only are film playback and games fun, but also playing on the PC or surfing the net. Yes, even working is astonishingly good with the 32-inch model, provided, of course, that you sit at a suitable distance from the screen: We recommend about 90 to 100.

Living room PC: surfing is not a problem with the 32-inch model.


With its pleasant design and elegant looking high-gloss surface, the Samsung LE-32A656A1F is a total eye-catcher. The elegant look of the model naturally requires appropriate care and it is necessary to use the cleaning cloth regularly so that the LCD TV does not come to look dusty grey. Unfortunately, this also applies to the remote control, the cover of which also shines in a high-gloss design which is susceptible to dirt – here, the product designer has missed the point completely.

The LE-32A656A1F is one of the first 32-inch models with a FullHD resolution and can also clock up points in terms of features: Samsung has equipped the model with four HDMI inputs for the digital home cinema.

However, it is not only the design and features of the monitor which are first class, but also the image quality, which excels through its 16-Bit colour accuracy– and not only on paper. The excellent viewing angle stability, the equal of which cannot be found in other models, deserves particular mention. Thus, it is no problem if the your football team is invited to an international match.

One condition for full image enjoyment is a digital playback of high-quality image material, for example via DVB-S (digital via satellite), the Sony PlayStation 3 or the PC. The integrated scaler on the Samsung LE-32A656F1A is just average and cannot compare with TV sets which contain the Faroudja chip-set, for example.

On the other hand, incoming material in 24Hz, 48Hz, 50Hz (PAL) and 60Hz (NTSC) as well as up to 75 Hz in PC mode is supported and played back flawlessly. If you would like to adjust or optimize the image impression, you will find a wide range of settings in the On-Screen Menu of the LE-32A656A1F.

The user concept has some weak points such as the irritating need to switch through the inputs or image formats instead of a direct selection. Luckily, the LCD TV responds very well to the remote control, even when the remote control is pointed towards the ceiling.

The performance of the 32-inch flat screen is good to very good in all respects and the small number of negative points are harmless, so that the Samsung LE-32A656A1F has truly earned our best rating.

Overall rating: VERY GOOD

Technical specification: Samsung LE-32A656A1F

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