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Metz LCD TVs compatible with single cable distribution

Autor: Markus Hevesi
04/08/2010, 20:27 CET

German TV company Metz recently made its whole product range of LCD TVs compatible with the so called Unicable standard. Since the end of 2009, not only new models have been built to meet the requirements of the single cable distribution, but also numerous of the existing units have been adapted.

In the last case TVs had to undergo a special software update to match to new single cable systems. Thereby consumers living in complicated facility structures are now able to receive the full range of programmes delivered via satellite service. The integrated digital recorders, several of the Metz-TVs are provided with, can be used as well.

Single cable distribution has been established as a standard to distribute satellite signals. In contrast to conventional distribution, Unicable-technology allows the delivery of broadcast programming to multiple receivers over one single coaxial cable. This way the number of cables used in one housing unit can be reduced to a minimum, without users loosing the advantages of consumer electronics devices such as Digital Video Recorders with built-in twin-tuner-technology or other high end receivers. House-owners of buildings with complex structures spare a lot of extra-work, too.

Unlike conventional single-cable-systems, offering only a limited programme selection, Unicable provides the full range of programmes actually available. That way, not the complete frequency band is being transferred, but rather a dedicated user band of the full satellite bandwidth is assigned to any single tuner of a Metz LCD TV.

By means of specific signals the tuner sends details like level and transponder of the desired programme to the distribution unit. Now the transponder is being modulated onto the user band of the tuner. To control an LNB in a single cable distribution the receiver needs dedicated DiSEqC-switching-signals. That is why only DVB-S-tuners supporting the Unicable standard will work in such a system.

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