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Philips: Upgrade option to 3D from summer

Autor: Siobhan Hayes
03/12/2010, 01:01 CET

No brand manufacturer can escape the 3D boom, as a press release from Philips proves. The Dutch electronics group is offering a 3D upgrade for its new LED televisions: all models in the 8000 and 9000 series are "3D-ready" and can play back 3D content thanks to a set of two pairs of 3D glasses and a wireless infra-red transmitter.

Glasses will also be available individually. They function using what is known as Active 3D technology. Here, a wireless transmitter is used, which provides communication between the television and 3D glasses. It synchronises the opening and closing of the glasses with images on the screen. Thus, the images for the left and right eye are displayed after each other, which results in a three-dimensional image.

The first 3D television in cinema format: "Full HD 3D-Cinema 21:9" (Picture: Philips)

The 3D upgrade package will come to the market as an optional add-on for the new "3D Cinema 21:9", models in the 9000 series with screen diagonals of 32, 40 and 46 inches and the models in the 8000 series measuring 37, 40, 46 and 52 inches. Customers can either purchase the upgrade package immediately with the television or purchase it afterwards when more 3D content is on offer.

The manufacturer particularly emphasises the fact that customers currently are not paying any additional sum for a technology that they will only use in the future. The new, 3D-ready TVs, which will come to the German market early this year, can be made 3D-ready from summer, according to Philips. The company has not yet named prices for the upgrade or the individual glasses.

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