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Philips heralds the spring with new models

Autor: Siobhan Hayes
03/10/2010, 09:55 CET

Electronics multi-manufacturer Philips today presented the models in the 7000 and 8000 on its new products website. The models have well-known, tried and tested features, but also offer some new features such as Ambilight Spectra 2, Perfect Pixel HD Engine and LED backlighting.

3D expandability is the latest: the televisions are prepared in such a way that they can be made 3D-enabled using an optional upgrade package. The package contains an infra-red transmitter for the television, which communicates with the active 3D glasses. It is available for the models in the 8000 series with screen sizes of 37, 40, 46 and 52 inches.

The 47PFL8404H/12 offers a Full-HD experience on 120 centimetres (Picture: Philips).

Ambilight Spectra 2, which both ranges have, recognises the predominant colours on the screen and projects the suitable surrounding light onto the wall behind it. According to Philips, the colour of the room is also considered with the new Ambilight: the system adjusts the Ambilight hues to the colour of the wall. The "Perfect Pixel HD Engine 2010", equipped with a computing power of 500 million pixels, should ensure even better image quality.

Philips promises judder-free image playback on the LED televisions with Perfect Natural Motion. The new LED backlight in the 8000 series should reduce power consumption on the models. "200 Hz Clear LCD" technology is responsible for increased motion sharpness.

Clear Sound speaker technology should use the 2 x 10 watt speaker performance available so well that viewers have a direct acoustic experience. NetTv is not a new feature, but it comes with regular extensions. The service allows access to Internet content in that the television is connected to the home network via LAN port or optional WiFi dongle.

The largest model in the new line-up, the 52PFL8605K (price remains open), should first be available from July. Other new models are already available from May. These are: the 46PFL8605K (2,200 Euro), the 40PFL8605K (1,800 Euro), the 37PFL8605K (1,600 Euro) and the 32PFL8605K (1,400 Euro).

Amongst the 7000 models, which are not LED BLU models, the "100 Hz Clear LCD" technology ensures a better image. The models should be available in April at the following prices: 46PFL7605H (1,900 Euro), 40PFL7605H (1,500 Euro), 37PFL7605H (1,300 Euro), 32PFL7605H (1,200 Euro).

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