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LG series 1 Retro TV: Back to the roots

Autor: Siobhan Hayes
02/10/2010, 18:52 CET

LG Korea is presenting a TV of a somewhat different kind: in contrast to the general trend towards more and more slender devices, the company has proven that it dares to be different with its new LG 1 Retro TV series. This is not a modern LCD, plasma or even OLED TV, but instead is an old-fashioned CRT TV in a chic retro design.

The dimensions of the almost 14-inch TV set, which comes in an appealingly old-fashioned design from the wild 60s, are accordingly bulky. A glaring colour selection for the exterior in a choice of gleaming red or simple black is included here, as well as the obligatory turning knobs for using the model. However, not wishing to completely abandon modern day comforts, LG has fortunately included a remote control for the model.

LGs Retro TV is available in the colours red and black. (Photo: LG)

In addition, the Koreans have equipped the Retro TV with an integrated digital tuner with DMB standard, which receives TV signals via the separately mountable aerial just like in the old days. True to style, the image can be switched to black and white or sepia display in order to allow the user to dive completely into the TV experience of days gone by. And yes, the model has also mastered the modern colour display of the new ages.

In addition, the CRT TV is set up for the 4:3 format which was typical in the past. However, automatic switching to modern 16:9 image material is also supported on the model. However, the luxurious range of features on the model does not end here; thanks to a separate AV input, the model can also be used for retro-style enjoyment of old video games consoles or VHS cassettes. All this with sound output in the unmistakeable mono-sound of times past.

The full scope of supply for the model includes a remote control, aerial and four metal legs which mean that the retro design is only missing the decisive shape from days gone by. (Photo: LG)

However, LG does not allow the retro experience to end with the TV and delivers the model in a cardboard box which would have been suitable in bygone days and includes a remote control, the aerials and four metal legs. Currently, LGs Retro TV 14SR1EB is only available in South Korea for a price of 190.00 Euro. It remains to be seen if or when the model will find its way to other countries.

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