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3D Vision 2: Nvidia improves reliable technology

Autor: Markus Hevesi
10/17/2011, 18:37 CET

Nvidia has revised its proprietary 3D Vision technology. There are many meaningful improvements, but no surprising innovations. Among others, the Californians claim to have eliminated ghosting effects largely since there is no serious competitor in the mass market, the established technology may gradually mature and there is no need for Nvidia to perform a volte-face.

The 3D principle is the same - the next generation also uses active shutter. Nvidia has changed the design of glasses, however, with the new visual aids offering a more pleasing appearance and better glare protection from incident light. Lenses have grown about 20 per cent larger to maximize the visual field.

Another major change relates to displays compatible with 3D Vision 2. In a joint effort with several monitor manufacturers, Nvidia has introduced a Lightboost certificate to minimize the screens loss of brightness in 3D mode. It is received by a monitor the 3D-luminosity of which is twice as high as without Lightboost without an increase in power consumption.

The use of different material increases wearing comfort of the 3D glasses in version two. (Photo: Nvidia)

3D Vision 2 is compatible to 3D Vision, i.e., 3D Vision glasses of generation one can be used with a Lightboost monitor the same way as 3D Vision 2 goggles with an 'old' 120-hertz screen.

At the end of October, 3D Vision 2 is available commercially. The set with wireless glasses and infrared emitter will cost 149 USD. Sold separately, a '3 D Vision Wireless' costs 99 USD. After the launch of the first Lightboost- certified monitor, the ASUS VG278, further Lightboost displays by Acer and BenQ will follow this fall. The first notebooks applying 3D Vision 2 technology are Toshiba's Qosmio X770/X775 models.

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