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Review NEC PA301W: Monitor sets the bar high for the 30-inch segment.

Autor: Markus Hevesi
05/06/2011, 21:14 CET

Bearing a native resolution of 2.560 to 1.600 pixels, the NEC PA301W completes the PA series as much-anticipated 30-inch version. Convinced by the test results of the two the smaller options, PA241W and PA271W, we are now curious what the performance of the large-format late arrival will be like.

Its P-IPS panel is manufactured by LG and should de facto comply to the H-IPS type already obtainable, which is incorporated in most current 30-inch desktop monitors. Due to the WCG-CCFL backlight, the colour space of the display will exceed sRGB significantly. Especially in unmanaged environments, the flexible colour space emulation pledges an accurate display without feared candy colours.

Electronics is oriented towards the other members of the PA family: A programmable 14 bit 3D LUT and the internal computational accuracy of 16 bits per channel form the key data of high-performance signal processing.

In combination with the usual extensive range of standard tools and a careful tuning by factory default, we expect the software calibration to be on a level with the hardware calibration. Lossy corrections caused by the LUT of the graphics card should virtually not appear.

NEC PA301W: Monitor sets the bar high for the 30-inch segment. (Image: NEC)

Considered that SpectraView II is not distributed by NEC Display Solutions Europe, the latest version of the software, which besides underwent an interesting enhancement, will be sufficient for the hardware calibration of an European PA301W version.

Assumed there is hardware and software support, signals with 10 bits per channel can be fed through the DisplayPort input optionally.

Still, the panel of the PA301W will be driven with 8 bits per channel. However, there is no danger the high-performance electronics results in loosing levels: An assumedly internal FRC circuit is processing the signal conveniently. Hence, the feeding with ten bits per channel is still possible.

Read our detailed PRAD review on how the NEC PA301W performed in the course of the test.

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