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Sony PVM-740: OLED For Video Professionals

Autor: Markus Hevesi
04/15/2010, 23:32 CET

As Sony has plans to establish itself in the field of professional video, the electronics manufacturer announced a 7.4-inch OLED display named PVM-740 to meet the requirements of video professionals.

The panel comes with a resolution of 960 to 540 pixels and in terms of contrast ratio provides a peak value. The PVM-740 can be attached to a professional video camera directly.
Other operational areas, such as the utilization as a wave form monitor, and an integrated eight-channel sound level meter make it a professional display

Sony's professional PVM-740 bears a 7.4-inch OLED display (Photo: Sony).

On the back, there are several inputs and outputs for SDI and composite signals, plus a built-in HDMI input. Supporting 10 bit signal processing and ChromaTRU technology, the OLED panel will be able to emulate television standards as well as the colour rendering of CRT monitors adequately, according to Sony. This very month, Sony’s OLED display will be available at 3.850 US dollars in the United States.

Though the connectivity of the PVM-740 seems a bit poor, it provides all needed standards of the professional video industry (Photo: Sony).

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