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20 Dollar chip for virtualisation revolution

Autor: Siobhan Hayes
03/22/2010, 12:35 CET

Virtualisation specialist NComputing has presented a series of chips which is set to revolutionise desktop virtualisation in the form of the "Numo" range. With the aid of the 20-Dollar chip and the company’s own virtualization software, any screen can become a fully fledged Windows or Linux workstation according to the supplier, and the virtual desktop can thereby finally become suitable for mass usage.

The ARM based chip therefore promises inexpensive client solutions for companies as well as Internet access via intelligent televisions in the home. Here, according to NComputing, Numo allows for direct access to cloud services without any local server. In doing so, the chip also supports Android environments in order to be able to use relevant apps.

The significant advantage that Numo promises is the possibility of extremely inexpensive computer workspaces. "The 20-Dollar chip and parts costing less than ten Dollars can transform any model into a no-compromise multimedia PC that can use applications locally or via cloud , says Gabriele Sartori, NComputing SVP Hardware Platform Development and Alliances. Thus, expensive, power-hungry individual PCs are faced with a challenge.

As well as the System-on-a-Chip with ARM-Dual-Core-CPU, integrated media processors, Windows-enabled graphics sub-system and various device ports, the vSpace virtualization software is also used. According to NComputing, this combination allows for virtual desktops on network monitors or mobile computers for companies as well as intelligent TV sets or media players in the consumer sector.

Network monitor from LG: NComputing’s parade example for slim clients (Photo:

NComputing is no longer unknown when it comes to virtual desktops. Thus, LG has been offering a range of network monitors since 2009 which is based on NComputing technology and allows up to eleven monitors to be run with a normal Quad-Core PC as a local server. With Numo-based prototypes, it was even demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show that even more than 30 users could use just one Windows PC at the same time.

LG is thus somit NComputing’s demonstration partner, but the virtualisation specialist intends to announce further partnerships for Numo in summer with PC, display and TV manufacturers. The first Virtual Desktop Client devices based on the chip will come to the market in the second quarter of this year. (

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