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Nokia monitor test

The Nokia Monitortest is not a program that was specifically designed for testing LCD monitors only. Many of the possible tests were made for CRTs and only make little sense for the domain of LCD monitors. For this reason, we only touch on those areas of the program which are relevant for testing LCD monitors.

Pixel errors

When looking for pixel errors, it is best to just fill the screen with one homogeneous color. The Nokia Monitortest offers the colors white, red, green and blue. The button for initiating this sequence is the third one from the upper right. In case you should spot any small dots on the screen, you are dealing with pixel errors. It is recommended to clean the entire screen so that there are no dust particles on it prior to performing this test. Dust particles can reflect the light of the monitor and be mistaken for pixel errors.

Getting rid of flickering by the Autoadjust button

If your monitor is connected to the analog port of the graphics card, you are advised to adjust clock and phase properly. For this purpose, every monitor provides either a menu item in the OSD or a button.

Click the button Legibility - fourth from the bottom right - and then choose black color on white background. When you see the picture, please activate the Autoadjust function.

You can download the monitor test here.

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