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REVIEW: Hyundai L90D+ Part 4

Configuration possibilities in the OSD:



Color selection (only in analog mode)
User defined (RGB) and blue/ red settings

Position (only in analog mode)
Vertical and horizontal alignment of the picture position

Clock speed
Clock and phase

Recall (factory defaults), OSD time and OSD position

English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Portuguese, Dutch, Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

Volume and muting

Automatic Adjustment (only in analog mode)

Select signal source
Analog and digital

While at CeBIT, it came to our knowledge that the latest revision of the Hyundai L90D+ comes with the screen manager software ImageTune. We had this software shown to this software at CeBIT and we can only say that it left a very felicitous impression on us as configuring the display was made very convenient. For instance, ImageTune provides a 6 axis color calibration which works for analog mode as well as in digital mode. It's a pity, however, that ImageTune won't work with older versions of the L90D+

Image quality

The Hyundai L90D+ has an 8ms TN panel by Hydis (subsidiary company of Hyundai). So it's quite clear which market this display is aimed at, - it was made for gaming and multimedia. The panel has a horizontal viewing angle of 150 degrees and a vertical viewing angle of 135 degrees. Particularly the horizontal viewing angle of 150 degrees leaves enough room for head movement. The vertical viewing angle can be regarded as sufficient.

The overall image quality can be judged as good. Dithering works in a well balanced manner and rarely annoys. Since the resolution of grey scales is a well known weakness of TN panels, it is astonishing to see the panel of the L90D+ show great capability of reproducing shades of grey. Values of black and illumination uniformity are just as good. Brightness and contrast permit for sufficient room for adjustments and leave nothing to be desired.

As previously mentioned, the RGB color space can not be calibrated when working in digital mode. Therefore, if configuring the colors of the display is still an imperative to you, you are going to have to get by with the configuration possibilities of the graphics card driver. Fortunately, the default color settings can be rated as good in digital mode. However in analog mode, we were not entirely convinced by the default color values, but those could be readjusted to an ideal degree by making use of the OSD. By and large, the Hyundai L90D+ provides a picture that is luscious in color, but by no means too lurid. In digital mode, the picture seems to come across with slightly more clarity than in analog mode.


The 8 ms fast TN panel of the display can really be put through its paces in terms gaming capability. We tested the following game titles on it: CoD:UO, CS, CS:S, DoD, DOOM III, Half Live², Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, Star Wars Battlefront and Unreal 2.

Some of the games the Hyundai L90D+ was reviewed with.

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