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In the wake of the very popular ZR24w, HP is now bringing its successor, the ZR2440w, to the market- and it has big shoes to fill. Customers expect HP to leave the tried and tested unchanged and yet still demonstrate innovation and new development – which is no easy undertaking. At first glance, much seems to be the same, especially the 24-inch IPS panel with an aspect ratio of 16:10, the attractive exterior design and the ergonomic stand.

However, new features include the LED backlight, which allows the monitor structure to be slimmer. In terms of connectors, the HP ZR2440w offers a HDMI port and a digital audio output as well as Display-Port and DVI connections. This makes the 24-inch model even more flexible than its predecessor with regard to ports.

Impressions of the HP ZR2440w in the form of a YouTube video.

The HP ZR2440w intends to score points and challenge its rivals in the medium price sector with high image quality, outstanding ergonomics and solid manufacturing quality. We tested Hewlett-Packard’s new youngster in detail and, without giving away too much in advance, we can say that it did a lot, especially behind the scenes.

In this test, we will measure what the HP ZR2440w has inside it and how the monitor compares with its predecessor, the ZR24w.

We connected and tested the HP ZR2440w via the digital DVI output of a Gainward GTX 560 Ti and connected the monitor with the PC using a DVI cable. We used our own in-house software for the colorimetric measurements. Calibration and profiling were carried out using iColor Display from Quato. In terms of measuring devices, we used a spectral photometer (X-Rite i1 Pro) and a colorimeter (X-Rite DTP94). The Sony BDP-S350 Blu-ray player was used as an external player, connected via HDMI cable.

Scope of supply

Unlike its predecessor, which came with all required cables, the accessories that come with the HP ZR2440w are rather basic. Cables for Display-Port, DVI,USB upstream and power are provided, along with a Getting Started Guide and a software CD. Users will have to find their own HDMI cable and analogue and digital audio cables.

Basic accessories with the HP ZR2440w.

Design and mechanics

As our test shows, there is hardly any difference in appearance between the HP ZR2440w and its predecessor. The matte black, slightly rasped and very solidly built exterior has remained the same. Thanks to the LED technology used, however, the monitor is almost 3 centimetres less deep and is only 2.5 centimetres thick at the outer edge. The brushed aluminium stripe that runs around the sides of the screen has shrunk to a width of 0.9 centimetres. Thus, the HP ZR2440w no longer looks as bulky, even from the side, and is therefore in perfect harmony with the just 2-centimetre wide display frame.

Optically very attractive and robust: the HP ZR2440w.

HP has also foregone any glossy surfaces on the ZR2440w. Thus, fingerprints and dust are not a problem and the exterior is less susceptible to scratches. Even when the casing is grasped firmly, nothing cracks or creaks. The manufacturing quality is also flawless on the HP ZR2440w. The HP logo can be seen on the monitor frame, in the centre of the top edge, whilst the model type appears in the lower left corner and the user buttons on the lower right.

The HP ZR2440w: Model type and manufacturer logo on the monitor frame.

As we have already mentioned in the introduction, the stand of the HP ZR2440w is an ergonomic all-rounder. Firstly, it offers height adjustment, with stepless changes within a range of minimum 8 centimetres to maximum 18 centimetres between the desk surface and the lower edge of the frame. The height could be changed with a pleasant degree of strength in our test, but it sticks a little here and there. The HP ZR2440w also offers a locking function, whereby the stand remains fixed when the monitor is lifted, which is very convenient for transport.

Height adjustment on the HP ZR2440w.

Furthermore, the HP ZR2440w also offers a rotation function, which allows the screen to be turned 45 degrees left and right. Rotation is smooth as velvet, with tangible feedback when the maximum rotation has been reached.

Rotation of the HP ZR2440w by 45 degrees to each side.

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