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REVIEW: HP ZR2440w Part 8

Left: 1,280 x 720 pixels displayed in justified format and at Sharpness level 5. Right: 1:1 display of 1,280 x 720 pixels.

Native resolution.

Left: 1,280 x 720 pixels displayed in justified format and at Sharpness level 4. Right: the same resolution, but with Sharpness level 5.


We carried out measurements on the HP ZR2440w in its native resolution at 60 Hz via the DVI connection. The monitor was restored to its factory settings for the measurements.

Image construction time and acceleration behaviour

The data sheet indicates a typical response time of just 8 milliseconds. Our measurements in the factory setting Video Overdrive off deliver considerably longer times: 23.3 milliseconds for grey-to grey and 20.1 milliseconds for black-white are typical values for an IPS panel without acceleration. The overall image construction time (rise and fall) for our 15 measured values is also within the typical range at 25.8 milliseconds.

VO off: Very sedate response times, neutral behaviour without overshoots.

When overdrive is activated, a clear acceleration can be observed, which gives rise to moderate overshoots at the bright measurement points, but rather strong ones at the dark measurement points. However, the reduction of the response times is significant, with the figures almost halving on average.

VO on: Short response times, moderate acceleration with overshoots.


We measure the lag as the sum of the signal delay time and half of the average frame rate. The lag on the HP ZR2440w is unusually long for a monitor – with a measurement of 18.3 milliseconds, we achieved a result that can usually only otherwise be found among TV sets. The time until the target luminance, an average of 7.2 milliseconds (VO on), must then be added to this, which means that the average total lag is an excessively long 25.5 milliseconds.

Subjective assessment

In practice, a faster image construction time brought about through active overdrive is not or is hardly noticeable. Motion blur is not yet irritating, but compared with other IPS panel monitors, the HP ZR2440w is one of the slowest examples. Nonetheless, gaming is still fun on the HP ZR2440w, since the crisp colour brilliance and richly contrasted display are visually impressive time and time again.

The response time of the HP ZR2440w should, however, be sufficient for occasional games and also frequent gamers, but we cannot recommend it for professional gamers.

Scene from the Ego shooting game "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3".

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