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REVIEW: HP ZR2440w Part 3

The numerous ventilation slots on the back of the monitor ensure that the electronics are ventilated sufficiently, although such good ventilation would not be necessary for the LED backlight. The slots, which are varied in height and position, make it difficult for dust or insects to make their way inside the model.

Large surface area of ventilation slots despite LED backlight.

Once more, HP has demonstrated its love of detail with the ZR2440w. Optically, the slimness of the monitor is the most striking feature; otherwise, the model has changed only in a few minor details from its predecessor.

HP Logo on the front and back.


Operational noise

Our test model functions completely silently, regardless of the luminance of the backlight. Even when we placed an ear on the back of the monitor, we could not hear any operational noise. If this behaviour is demonstrated by the wide majority of models of this type, then even the most noise sensitive users will have no problems with the HP ZR2440w. Operational noise, however, is subject to a certain degree of variation within a series, so this assessment may not apply equally to all models within a series.

Power consumption

  Manufacturer Measured
Maximum usage 59 W 36.8 W
Typical usage (factory settings) 48 W 35.3 W
Standby / snooze mode < 0.5 W 0.3 W
Switched off (Soft off) n/a 0.3 W
Switched off (Power switch) n/a 0.0 W
50 % Luminance n/a 27.5 W
27 % (140 cd/m²) n/a 23.6 W
0 % luminance (147 cd/m²) n/a 16.5 W

The power consumption of the HP ZR2440w is low for a 24- inch IPS panel with an LED backlight, but there are more frugal models. Regardless of the image mode selected, we measured consistent maximum values of less than 40 Watts, which is considerably less than the value indicated by the manufacturer. The typical power consumption in the factory settings is also lower than the value indicated. With the HP ZR2440w, an active USB connection has no effect on the power consumption, whether the monitor is in use. The HP ZR2440w does not offer special power-saving functions.


One more difference between the HP ZR2440w and its predecessor appears amongst the connection options. The Display-Port and DVI connections remain the same, as well as an audio out jack and USB hub with four USB connectors. New features include a HDMI port and a digital SPDIF audio output, but in return, the D-Sub input is missing. This means that the HP ZR2440w does not offer any option for transmitting analogue images. As with the previous model, the HP ZR2440w has a power switch that allows it to be separated completely from the mains.

No VGA connection, but numerous digital signal connections instead.

Two of the four USB connections are located at the side and are therefore easily accessible. Behind these is a pull-out product information card.

Side USB connectors and pull-out product information.

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