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The NEC PA301W also masters this test without difficulty. The colour space emulation takes the horror out of the extended colour space. If the playback software does not support any colour management (which is still normal today), the colour space is generally limited to sRGB (ITU-R BT.709, i.e. HDTV, defined to primary valences identical to sRGB). Generally, a gamma of 2.2 or the sRGB characteristics would be selected as gradation.

Thus, the NEC PA301W is completely sufficient for watching a film on the computer "now and then". The sae applies for video editing. However, for a comfortable film evening, the user will hardly want to avoid using LCD, plasma TV or even a projector. This is not at all because of the colour display: it is more precise on the monitor than in these devices, although many TVs and projectors now implement a CMS. However, the sheer difference in size the judder-free display (see the next section) and the generally much higher contrast ratio are more important here.

Blu-ray: "The Tudors"

Video signal processing

In the final tests, we tested the electronics of the NEC PA301W once more in detail with regard to the processing of video signals.

Supported refresh rates

In the computer display sector, the exclusive support of 60Hz signals is still widespread. NEC promises that 50-87 Hz video signals can be played back via DVI or DisplayPort.

In order to test how the NEC PA301W actually behaves in this regard, we connected the model to a video processor. The iScan VP50 offers variable output frequencies and a test pattern in the form of a bar that runs through the image, which can be used to carry out a simple juddering test.

Juddering test on the NEC PA301W.

During our test, 24Hz, 48Hz, 50Hz and 60Hz signals were accepted. For playback in 720p, we also achieved 72Hz and 75Hz playback. As with the NEC PA241W and PA271W, playback without micro-juddering was unfortunately only possible at 60Hz. The judder-free playback of PAL-SD and HD material, NTSC-SD and HD material from film source and Blu-ray, also from film source, is therefore not possible.


The NEC PA301W does not contain a deinterlacer. Accordingly, half frame based signals cannot be played back.


Playback with the correct aspect ratio is important. In the video sector, a square pixel aspect ratio is only present in HD material. If the monitor has explicit "4:3" and "16:9" settings in the scaling settings in the OSD, the chances are good that relevant material can be displayed correctly.

Our series of test images is based on an anamorphic video with circles, which should be absolutely round if the aspect ratio is observed correctly (material was played back via DVI). We can simulate all possible playback scenarios with suitable settings on the DVD player.

Test of the scaling on the NEC PA301W.

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