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We measure a lag time of 18 milliseconds on the PA301W, regardless of whether RI is on or off. Half of the average image construction time of 4,2 milliseconds (RI on) is added to this. The average total lag is therefore a very long 22,2 milliseconds.

Subjective evaluation

The display of moving pictures on the NEC PA301W is not only convincing based on the measurements. Subjectively, too, it is the fastest representative to date in the 30-inch IPS class. However, the differences between this model and the DELL U3011 are somewhat smaller than the measured values suggest. Despite the very aggressive overdrive, no artefacts arise (corona or ghosting effects). Even ambitious gamers should have no problems with the giant electronic image processing model, provided that they can accept the lag time of around one frame.

Picture from the game "Counter Strike Source" with resolution 2.560 x 1.600.

The display quality in games is flawless. Users who wish to avoid excessively colourful display can simply use the colour space emulation with sRGB as a target. The detail display in dark sections of the image improves slightly through the sRGB gradation as compared with a gamma of 2.2 l. The contrast ratio, which is considerably lower than that of LCD TVs and modern C-PVA panel screens is hardly noticeable as a negative aspect. However, users who wish to get the most out of the PA301W can deactivate ColorComp for games.

The slight weaknesses in illumination in the upper areas of the screen are also not irritating to the user. They are still overshadowed by the bright patches caused by the viewing angle. This can be somewhat irritating in dark games, but one soon gets used to this effect.

Picture from the game "Battlefield 2" with resolution 2.560 x 1.600.

DVD and Video

In this section, we will use the computer only as a player device. We will look at external video sources in detail in the next section.

The NEC PA301W supports HDCP protected signals via its DVI input. This support is obligatory for the DisplayPort connection. Blu-rays or HD-DVDs can therefore be played back without difficulty on the computer.

The playback quality itself not only depends on the monitor, but also largely on the processing of the signals. Thus, for example, it is a long and rocky road from the "576i50" on PAL DVDs to a progressive signal in the panel resolution.

DVD film "As it is in heaven (Så som i himmelen)", playback via PC.

The result can vary accordingly. Naturally, the "basic quality" provided by the screen must also be correct. If the user complains of large bright patches, clear streaks or a poor black value, even the best configuration of the computer or software can no longer help.

DVB recording "Vatel", playback via PC.

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