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Interpolation: Games

In order to illustrate the scaling in games, we used identical resolutions in "Civilization IV – Beyond the Sword":

Left: resolution 2.560 x 1.600 and right: resolution 1.920 x 1.200.

Left: resolution 1.680 x 1.050 and right: resolution 1.024 x 768.

The scaler on the NEC PA301W works well. Although we cannot make a direct comparison between this model and the smaller models in the PA series, we estimate that the results are at the same level as the 27-inch PA271W. Here, it performed somewhat better than the smaller PA241W. The text and graphics display give no reason for any great criticism.

All supported resolutions with square pixel aspect ratios are displayed without distortion as desired. Naturally, individual configuration of the scaling is also possible on the NEC PA301W.

Image sharpness

The user can influence the scaling and display for pixel precise playback using the sharpness regulator. The variation ranges from -15 to +15. Up to a setting of about +5, no unpleasant sharpness side effects arise. The user should avoid higher settings, since otherwise double edges could spoil the image impression.

Left: Sharpness -15; Right: Sharpness -10.

Left: Sharpness -5; Right: Sharpness -0.

Left: Sharpness +5; Right: Sharpness +10.

Sharpness: +15.


The responsiveness of a monitor is determined mainly by the switching times, the Overdrive behaviour and the lag time. We measure these influencing factors using photo sensors and an oscilloscope. We carried out measurements on the PA301W in its native resolution at 60 Hz via DVI connection. The monitor was initially restored to its factory settings, and then the brightness was set to 100 percent.

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