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Even in the factory settings, the NEC PA301W plays to its strengths: the neutrality is outstanding. Grey hues are reproduced without colour tints with regard to the white point. The pre-defined gradation (Gamma 2.2) is maintained. The white point is far removed from the black body curve, but this is because of the "native" setting. The large deviations in the hues are also harmless and completely normal: the target we compared with was sRGB, whilst the monitor’s colour space exceeds this standard colour space considerably in the settings we measured.

Afterwards, we carried out measurements on the pre-defined "sRGB", "AdobeRGB" and "eciRGB_v2" modes. ColorComp was deactivated. We used these to test the colour space emulation of the NEC PA301W. The measurements with respect to the respective standard colour space are carried out without colour management. Thus, no CMM is used.

Comparison of "sRGB" image mode with the sRGB working colour space

sRGB image mode Goal Measured
D65 (6502) 6115
95.04 100.00 108.88 95.36 100.00 105.44
- 2,20
- (0,08) 0,56
140,00 77,7
Native 0,15
Native 518

* CCT reference

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