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REVIEW: Dell 2408WFP Part 6

Colour mores (Video)

Display characteristics

The settings for the interpolation behaviour, sharpness and zoom are found here. The dynamic contrast regulation is activated or deactivated here (in the factory settings, it is deactivated), the monitor information can be called off or all changes can be reset to the factory settings.

Advanced settings

As well as language selection, prevention of communication via DDC and reset to the factory settings, the user can also adjust the OSD timer and the OSD setup here. Unfortunately, this adjustment is limited to a rotation by 90 degrees for use in pivot mode. The OSD menu can neither be moved horizontally not vertically. It is not possible to scale the OSD.

PIP settings

In a nutshell, the user can adjust the PiP mode, the PiP input source and the position and size of the PiP window here. Only S-Video, Composite and Component are available as PIP sources. The other sources (VGA, DVI, HDMI, Display port) cannot be displayed in the PIP window.

Image quality

A Wide Gamut S-PVA panel is used in the Dell 2408WFP. Currently, models which contain this type of panel generally work with 8 bits per colour channel. This also applies to the panel in the Dell 2408WFP. A 10-bit LUT such as those integrated into most professional models provides better results for grey gradients in particular through more precise calculations.

However, we can give the all-clear for the Dell 2408WFP. The 24-inch model achieves good results in terms of banding. Although slight banding can be seen in the lower grey sector, but these are very faint and can only be seen from clear up.

Banding test: grey gradients.

Contrast/banding test colour gradients.

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