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REVIEW: Yuraku YV24WBH1 (MVA) Part 7

Comparison of calibrated monitor with sRGB standard colour space

  Goal Measured
6500 6551
140 139
0,00 0,66
Native 210
sRGB (~2,2) 2,20

The grey values could be optimised through the calibration, but pure black deteriorates considerably. The colour deviations also increase. Thus, the standard setting of the monitor at 6500K looks better on paper. However, we cannot forget that the brightness value is then much too high.

When the brightness is reduced to 140 cd/m², the contrast collapses to a miserable 210:1.


Because of the results to date, a UGRA test seems unnecessary. However, we carried out the test anyway in order to allow this model to be compared with other models.

Accordingly, we calibrated the Yuraku YV24WBH1 to the UGRA criteria (5800K, Gamma 1.8 and brightness 120 cd/m²) in order to determine its suitability for digital pre-printing processes / soft proofing.

The result: as expected, the YurakuVision YV24WBH1 does not pass the test for UDACT certification. The grey values deviate too strongly after calibration to pass. Since the hues in the grey sector are adjusted more strongly through calibration, too much information is lost for the monitor to meet the strict UGRA requirements.

The summary of the UGRA review shows a weakness in the grey balance when the monitor is calibrated to 5800K. The detailed UGRA report can be downloaded as a PDF file.

The lack of an extended colour space and the poor grey values at reduced brightness are reflected visibly in the result. In order to achieve a value of 120 cd/m², the RGB values are cut to such an extent that the poor grey balance leaps off the scale.

As the monitor still only allows for a minimum brightness of about140 cd/m², we carried out the test again with this brightness value. In this case, a clear improvement is visible amongst the grey tones.

The grey balance also improves when the brightness is increased.

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