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REVIEW: Yuraku YV24WBH1 (MVA) Part 4


The brightness can be adjusted in steps from 0 to 100 percent, whereby the smallest value is one percent. The factory setting is 50 percent, which is the equivalent of about 430 cd/m².


The contrast can also be adjusted in steps of 0 to 100 percent. The standard value is 50 percent.

In our opinion, the functions for contrast and brightness have been confused in the OSD. More information on this under Measurements and Calibration.

Phase and Clock

Optimisation of Phase and Clock is only possible when the monitor is connected via analogue.

Image position

Optimisation of horizontal and vertical position is only possible when the monitor is connected via analogue.

Colour temperature

There are three options for colour temperature. The monitor comes with two pre-defined profiles: 6500K and 9300K. If these are selected, the individual colour channels (RGB) can no longer be adjusted. Only the user-defined profile allows the user to adjust the RGB channels manually.

The menu option Miscellaneous releases six additional options in which the position and display duration of the OSD can be selected as well as the signal input, the volume for the integrated speakers and automation of the colour settings, although this latter only functions for analogue connection.

Unfortunately, the OSD is not particularly successful. If you want to change the volume, you will have to go through 15 button clicks using three different buttons. Sadly, this is anything but user friendly. There is a good reason why many manufacturers arrange the power button to the very right, The central location of this button on the Yuraku YV24WBH1 means that the user constantly presses the central button (power) when navigating through the OSD and thereby switches off the entire monitor.

Although two buttons have direct functions attributed to them, they only allow the signal input to be changed and the automatic image adjustment carried out in analogue mode.

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