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The maximum tilting degree backwards is 30 degrees. The model can be turned 360 degrees horizontally until it reaches its locking point.

Maximum tilting angles on the NEC 3090WQXi forwards and backwards.

The screen can be rotated once on its own axis using the rotating plate. A locking point prevents the screen from being rotated completely multiple times, thereby entangling the cables.

The pivot function opens a vertical viewing field which does not want to end, on which pictures of the highest skyscrapers can be edited without a problem. Here, the 1600 lines in the normal position are generally sufficient for most purposes.

With a model which still offers more space vertically than any other monitor at 1600 lines, the pivot function is almost a moot point.

With these adjustment functions, it is possible to adjust the monitor to almost all imaginable application scenarios, though for ergonomic reasons, you should ensure that you do not have to look up at the screen.

The back of the base contains the cable routing feature. Users who are willing to put in the effort and feed all the cables through the integrated clips will be rewarded with an optically pleasing arrangement at the back as well.

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