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The NEC MultiSync LCD3090WQXi delivers a very pleasant image quality, has excellent manufacturing quality apart from the rather wobbly base and comes with a long list of features where only additional multimedia inputs and a USB hub are lacking.

The 12-Bit-LUT and the H-IPS panel are responsible for the good results in software calibration. As well as the many setting options, graphics workers thus receive a relatively precise colour reproduction within the working colour spaces which are important for graphics workers.

Unfortunately, proper hardware calibration is not possible with the European model. Here, NEC will later introduce an expensive SpectraView version, which is already in planning. The question remains to be answered why the functions of the LCD3090WQXi were truncated and who European customers have to pay more than US users for hardware calibration. In addition, NEC is missing the opportunity to make itself look considerably more positive than the Eizo SX3031W.

It is a shame than when the backlight is reduced to less than 200 cd/m², the contrast is also reduced. Working with brightness values of less than 140 cd/m² is not possible in our view.

Normal users and gamers will probably be scared off by the high price of the 30-inch LCD. NEC hardly offers this target group an advantage as compared with considerably cheaper models such as the Dell 3008WFP, which also offers more flexible application options thanks to its large number of multimedia inputs.

If we compare the NEC LCD3090WQXi with its rival, the Eizo SX3031W, the question must be asked who really offers the more complete package. NEC’s 30-inch model certainly performs better with its successful UGRA certification, more extensive setting options and fanless design.

In some other points such as subjective image quality, on the other hand, the Eizo with its S-PVA panel is ahead, if even by just a little. With both models, the very limited connection options are a source of annoyance. Even if these are less important for the actual target group of all-round use, a few additional multimedia connections would have been a decisive argument for purchasing either the NEC or Eizo model.

There is no clear winner. Graphics workers would be better off with the NEC LCD3090WQXi, although the brightness reduction is anything but perfect.

Overall rating: GOOD

Technical specifications: NEC LCD3090WQXi-BK

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