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REVIEW: LG Flatron L227WT Part 12

In the synthetic overdrive test, minimal corona effects can only been seen when you look very closely for changes in blue, red and black to dark grey. All other colour combinations are cleanly displayed even in the synthetic hardness test and in games, there is no trace of streaking or coronas.

If you have already thought to yourself that the very good response time is spoiled by input lag, you can rest easy: in a stopwatch comparison, the L227WT runs synchronously with a CRT monitor and we can eliminate any noticeable lag for movements and volleys of shots in action games based on the model’s performance.

In short: even for extreme hardcore gamers, the LG L227WT is absolutely suitable and can be used without any limitations. Users who are not happy with this LCD monitor in this context should stick to tube monitors or question their skills.


Users who want to use a smaller resolution than the 1.680 x 1.050 that is usual for 22-inch models will be happy with the L227WT. Even in images with low resolutions, the 22-inch convinces with a clean, sharp playback, even in desktop mode.

The degree of detail remains high and the OSD offers a hardware-based function which, for 4:3 formats, allows the image to either be stretched onto the entire image surface or to be displayed in its original page relation. 1:1 output is not supported.

The only exception here is the resolution 1.280 x 1.024 (5:4), since here, the image is actually reproduced in its original size, so there are minimal black bands at the upper and lower edges of the image.

The resolution 1.024 x 768 in page format 4:3, justified.

Resolution 1.024 x 768 in page format 4:3 stretched to fit the full screen.

Below are additional interpolated resolutions; each resolution is documented in the image.

Further to the selectable image display (4:3 or widescreen), there is an "ez zooming" button on the front of the LG L227WT. When this is pressed, the L227WT reduces the current resolution by a step after about two seconds.

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