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REVIEW: Eizo SX2761W-BK Part 15

In order to test the monitor’s suitability for gaming in reality, we looked at the games Unreal Tournament III and Medal of Honor - Airborne in detail.

We were curious to see how the Eizo SX2761W performed with the game Medal of Honor - Airborne. Many dark colour hues can put even TN panels under pressure – and these are generally the most suitable for gaming. How does the Eizo model’s S-PVA panel manage here? The good black display means that the picture can be enjoyed from the very beginning and even in very dark passages, all details are still visible.

We were unable to see any streaks or corona effects in either game during our test. The image quality is flawless and should be satisfactory for even hardened gamers.

Picture from the game Medal of Honor - Airborne with resolution 1.920 x 1.200

The Eizo SX2761W demonstrates a certain degree of motion blur. However, this behaviour is caused by the technology used in LCD monitors. The motion blur arises in the eye of the observer (Sample and Hold effect) and is perceived differently by each individual.

Picture from the game "Unreal Tournament III" with resolution 1.920 x 1.200

In connection with overdrive, longer lag times are often mentioned in terms of image output. Although the use of overdrive is intended to speed up the response time, sometimes numerous images are saved in between times to allow for pre-calculation of image content. As a result, the output is delayed, which is perceived by sensitive gamers as output lag.

The Eizo SX2761W also demonstrates a slight input lag of about 23 ms, which is a little less than 1.5 frames (24 ms). If no other lags arise, the lag of the LCD is negligible. Subjectively, it is irrelevant from our point of view.

We measured the lag between a CRT monitor and the Eizo SX2761W with a stopwatch.

Overall, we would consider the Eizo SX2761W very well suited for occasional gamers and well suited to hardcore gamers. The input lag does not disturb the game progress and the overdrive adjustment is also convincing.

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