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REVIEW: Dell 3008WFP Part 5


A sound bar for the Dell 3008WFP is available on request, priced at € 48,79; this is simply clicked in underneath the monitor without the need to use any tools. The sound bar has two speakers which offer a combined performance of 10 watts. The bar has two 3,5 mm mini-link connectors for headphones and also comes with volume control.

A sound bar with 10 watt output is available as an option.

The sound bar is slotted into the back of the monitor near the connectors.

Controls and OSD

The Dell 3008WFP has five buttons and a power button with an integrated LED for switching the monitor on and off. The signal inputs can be changed using the button. The button activates the Picture in Picture or Splitscreen functions. The button calls up the OSD.

Comprehensive button panel of the Dell 3008WFP.

The and buttons are used for navigation through the menu and for setting values. Independently of the menu, the button can be used to control brightness and contrast settings. The button allows the user to start the automatic image adjustment in analogue mode and the button switches the 3008WFP on or off.

Because of the large number of setting options the Dell 3008WFP offers, we cannot go into detail below, since this would be beyond the scope of the review. If you require further information, you can download the detailed manual for the 3008WFP from the Dell website.

Main Menu

The user can access the menu options and functions via the main menu: depending on the mode the monitor is running in, various menu options and settings are available o rare greyed out when they are not needed.

Main menu in digital mode

Main menu in analogue mode

Brightness and Contrast

Brightness and contrast can be regulated here. This menu can also be called up directly using the button.

Auto Adjust

This function automatically sets the LCD monitor to an analogue image signal (D-Sub input). The option is only visible in analogue mode and is otherwise unnecessary.

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