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REVIEW: Dell 2709W Part 8

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sRGB: 97 % coverage

srgb1 srgb2

AdobeRGB: 97 % coverage

adobergb1 adobergb2

ECI 2.0: 93 % coverage

ntsc201 ntsc202

The sRGB and AdobeRGB colour spaces are covered very well by the DELL 2709W at 97 percent. ISO Coated coverage is also covered very well at 100 percent. The 93 percent coverage of ECI-RGB 2.0 is also acceptable and confirms the huge colour space of the monitor.

Explanation of deltaE deviation

Deviations in colour values are measured in deltaE 94 (dE) and provide a means for measuring the colour status. Measuring deviations provides a standardized method for expressing differences in a test colour with a comparative colour.

Various grey gradients, the primary (RGB) and the secondary (CMY) basic colours are measured. A deltaE value of 1 represents the smallest difference in colour that can be perceived by the human eye. Most people notice a difference in colour from a value of 3. However, our eyes are more sensitive to green tones, so smaller differences can be perceived here. The average deviation should be less than 3 dE and the maximum should be under 10 dE, or better still, under 6 dE. Up to 10 dE, two colours are still sufficiently similar.

Comparison of factory settings with sRGB standard

Factory setting

sRGB standard


White point / Kelvin



Brightness / Cd/m²



Black point / Cd/m²



Contrast / x:1



Gamma / average

sRGB (~2,2)


In its factory settings, the Dell 2709W provides only mediocre results. The colour deviation is clearly visible for all colour hues and the white point is also not optimal. With an average deviation of 6 deltaE, however, the result can be deemed satisfactory. The gamma value is very good, at 2,23. The factory setting for brightness of 50 percent should be reduced in any case. The contrast value of 2.449:1 is huge.

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