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REVIEW: Dell 2709W Part 5

The menu is composed of the following options:

After the menu button at the monitor edge is pushed, the individual sub-menus which are used more frequently are available directly. In the factory settings, these are: pre-defined modes, brightness/contrast and input source. Pushing the menu button again opens the OSD, which is located directly beside the buttons on the bottom right screen edge.

The menu can be seen with direct button selection options.

The input sources or colour modes can be accessed quickly via the direct menu.

The following set-up can be seen in the actual OSD: Brightness/Contrast, Input Source, Colour Settings, PIP (Picture In Picture) Settings, Advanced Settings and Personalise. Here, the outer buttons are adjusted dynamically within their function. The top two options are used for scrolling up and down (or left and right, if a menu level provides this direction). The button underneath is displayed as a green tick and is used for confirmation. The "back" function is located above the power button.

Setting options in the OSD:

Brightness and Contrast

Brightness and Contrast are self-explanatory. In order to avoid banding, the contrast should not be raised above the factory setting of 50.

Input source

In the input source section, the user can either select the source manually, if, for example, several devices are running in parallel, or the user can activate automatic recognition in order to carry out a device change.

PIP Settings

Although it is possible to establish where the PIP image shall be displayed on the screen, unfortunately, only the Composite/Component connections are available as a source. It is a pity that it is not possible to also select the second DVI-D or one of the HDMI/DisplayPort connectors, since there is also a split-screen function. This function allows both images to be displayed side by side in the same size.

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