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REVIEW: Dell 2709W Part 3

As mentioned briefly above, the buttons are hardly visible because of the way in which they function. They can be found on the outer right directly above the power button. More information is available on this topic in the "Controls and OSD" section, which can be found on the next few pages.

With regard to adjustability and ergonomics, we can say the following about the 2709W: it can be tilted just 3 degrees forwards and 21 degrees backwards. It can be adjusted by about 90 mm in height and it can be rotated 40 degrees to each side. The monitor does not have a pivot function.

Left picture shows a frontal view of the monitor, right picture shows it from behind.

Left picture shows lowest position of the monitor, right picture shows the highest.

Left picture shows the monitor rotated 40 degrees to the left and right picture shows 40 degree rotation right.

It is possible to mount the 2709W on a wall. The typical VESA100 fixture can be found on the back under the plate which is attached to the base and can be used for correspondingly standardised mounts. However, a star-headed screwdriver is needed to remove the base and this is not included with the model. With a depth of just 200 mm, the monitor together with its base can also be positioned on smaller tables. However, due to the enormous size of the screen, you should also plan sufficient space for viewing.

The ergonomic settings on the Dell 2709W are convincing in all aspects. At first glance, a tilting angle of just 3 degrees forwards seems rather meagre, but in practice, we found that tilting to this angle is more than sufficient for a screen of this size.

Side view of the Dell 2709W.

Left picture shows the maximum tilting angle backwards and right picture shows the maximum tilting angle forwards.

The exterior comes with sufficient slots in order to disperse heat. The power consumption table shows why these ventilation slots are so important: a considerable amount of heat needs to be dispersed. The openings are small, so insects hardly have a chance to make their way inside the model.

Despite the fact that the slots are located almost all around the monitor, the screen is considerably warmer on the front at the top than elsewhere. This model does not come with a fan. This means that noise produced when the model is in operation is minimal, both at 0 percent brightness and 100 percent brightness. Often, models demonstrate differences in noise produced at these extreme areas, but the Dell 2709W remains quiet. Even without other sources of noise, the monitor cannot be heard.

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