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REVIEW: Dell 2709W Part 2

Design and mechanics

Apart from the small square power button on the bottom right, which comes in piano lacquer design, the monitor is presented in a matte design, as are many DELL models. The typical company logo is located at the bottom of the monitor in the centre.

A new type of button design has come into being for this model: touch-sensitive surfaces on the panel allow the "buttons" to become virtually invisible when they are not in use. The menu button directly above the power button responds even when you bring your finger within 2 cm of the model. The buttons do not affect the front of the monitor in any way, but they take some getting used to because they function differently.

Although the simple frame is not extremely slim, it is still rather inconspicuous at 22 mm in relation to the size of the 27-inch screen.

In terms of size, the following comparison should be of use: the DELL 2709w can be seen with its 27-inch screen diagonal and beside it is a 19-inch monitor in pivot position. A gigantic difference. Once you have gotten used to the large 27-inch model, you will not want to miss it after a few days.

27-inch screen diagonal compared with 19-inch in pivot position.

Left picture shows central company logo on the front and right picture shows logo on the back.

Left picture shows the ventilation slots and right picture shows the power button and the barely visible buttons.

The base also comes in simple matte design, but the stand has a metal look. This is massive and holds the large screen very securely and stably. From the front, the base and stand cab only be seen a little, but from the back and sides, the design offers very pleasant views subjectively. If you are thinking of using a different base for the monitor, you should be aware of the heavy weight in advance in order to ensure that the monitor does not fall over at the front.

The base offers a space to feed cables through and holds the screen securely via a joint.

The left picture shows the connection of the base. The VESA connection is behind the plate. Right picture: the base not only looks elegant, but is also functional. The grey section can be rotated by 40 degrees left and right.

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