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REVIEW: Dell 2709W Part 15

Since the Dell 2709W can play back and recognise all conventional formats such as 576p, 720p, 1080i and also 1080p, it is possible to start straight away with media playback. The model comes with audio outputs which can be used to transmit signals received via HDMI to your HiFi system. This occurs without difficulty and in very good 5.1 Sound quality.

Film "Pirates of the Caribbean 3" 576p with a normal DVD

The image quality for the playback of HD material is outstanding on the Dell 2709W. Although conventional DVDs appear somewhat coarsely grained, which is also the case for video playback, at a certain distance from the screen, this is certainly tolerable but still noticeable. The background may be the pixel structure of the 27-inch model, which displays the weaknesses of non-HD material mercilessly.

The quality at the HDMI input on our test model was constantly good. Overall, the performance of the Dell 2709W in the area of HD playback can be rated as "very good". In the area of SD playback, on the other hand, image playback was merely satisfactory.

The black values in the DVD and video section could not quite match the excellent results in PC mode, but still provide a good result.


Overall, the Dell 2709W makes a very positive impression. It is definitely suitable for use as a PC monitor for the "unconcerned user". It is easy to start using and has many pre-defined modes which make it possible to achieve a subjectively good image. Thus, it is possible to start using the monitor directly.

However, if you expect a little more colour fidelity in the graphics sector, you will not be able to avoid a calibration. When calibrated, the Dell 2709W delivers good to very good results in the sRGB, AdobeRGB and ECI-RGB 2.0 colour spaces and also achieves UGRA certification. Only the high basic brightness of 145 cd/m² at a brightness value of OSD in the OSD spoil the performance of the monitor.

Occasional gamers can still live well with the input lag of 47 ms or 3 fps. This value is certainly high for hardcore gamers. However, the lag is not negatively apparent in DVD or Blu-ray playback.

As a multimedia device, the 2709W performs well, but could offer a better black value in use via HDMI. HD sources are definitely the strong point of the model. With normal DVDs, the image looks as if it is too coarsely resolved. In terms of interpolation, the monitor functions very well.

Together with the new menu setup, Dell has developed an all-round successful multimedia monitor. Its simple but elegant design also makes the 2709W an eye catcher in the living room.

Priced at 600.00 Euro, you cannot really go wrong with the Dell 2709W. Although not everything about the Dell model is perfect, the monitor is still quite close to being the perfect multimedia monitor and has earned itself (if narrowly) a rating of very good.

Overall rating: VERY GOOD

Technical specification: Dell 2709W

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