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REVIEW: Samsung 245T Part 9

The illumination is also very good. In a darkened room with a black desktop, no halos, clouds or bright streaks can be seen. Only those who look very closely will see a slightly brighter spot on the top left.

Black image, taken in darkened surroundings.

The maximum deviation from the stated value of 140 cd/m² is less than 11 percent lower and about two percent higher. Measurements of the brightness levels reveal that deviations of more than 10 cd/m² are only visible at four points on the lower edge of the screen. That is not just good but very good and cannot be seen with the naked eye.

The minimum brightness of the SyncMaster 245T is exactly 100 cd/m², whilst the maximum value is an excellent 360 cd/m², exceeding the manufacturer’s estimate by 60 cd/m² - or falling 40 cd/m² short of it, depending which details are correct. It doesn’t matter – there is sufficient scope for the user to adjust the brightness to suit his/her needs.

Brightness at 15 points measured at a brightness guide value of 140 cd/m².

In normal use, the factory setting should have its brightness reduced to about 50. Users who prefer vivid colours and rich contrast should select “user-defined contrast mode” or one of the other modes together with one of the three additionally definable Color-Innovation image optimisers.

Unlike the Samsung 245B and 226BW, the colours on the SyncMaster 245T look less overdone when image optimisation is activated. Nonetheless, the optimisation discards many colour gradients and should therefore be deactivated for graphics work.

The left picture shows the "User-defined Contrast mode"; the right picture shows the factory settings – image reproduction is a matter of taste.

If you change the mode to "Text", a good dynamic contrast of 2.012:1 is achieved, in "Film mode", an incredible 3.154:1 appears. It should be noted that the dynamic contrast is only achieved between two moving pictures and does not play any role in desktop use, e.g. work in Word.

Overall, the perfect subjective image quality can literally be seen. Not only this, but the excellent factory settings convince us of the monitor’s worth. Grey and colour gradients are cleanly resolved and it is only difficult to differentiate amongst the darkest three of all 256 gradients.

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