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REVIEW: Samsung 245T Part 4

The rotating function is integrated into the round base. It allows the LCD monitor to be turned a whole 360 degrees right and left on its own axis before stopping.

The base does not slide back and forth when this feature is used, but rather remains securely in its place. The joint functions excellently and smoothly, as do all other moving elements on the SyncMaster 245T.

When turned 360 degrees, the screen is in the same position as in the picture.

Users wishing to attach the monitor to a wall or another base can connect the back to a 200 mm x 100 mm VESA-compatible mount. First, the four screws must be removed in order to remove the base. The manual contains a mounting guide.

200 x 100 VESA fixture on the Samsung SyncMaster 245T.

When in use, the Samsung 245T make a slight buzzing noise that might disturb sensitive ears. However, the sound cannot be heard at a normal distance (more than 60 cm) at normal noise levels.

However, if you listen at the back of the monitor in quiet surroundings, a permanent buzzing can be heard at about 30 cm distance from the monitor. This occurs independently of the brightness of the monitors and is only slightly disturbing in very quiet rooms.

The maximum power consumption of the LCD is considerably less than that outlined by the manufacturer. However, the SyncMaster 245T uses comparatively more power than other 24-inch models: in its factory settings, the monitor uses 94 watts.

This is just seven watts under the maximum value we measured, 101,3 watts. In the best case, the Samsung 245T has a power consumption of 78 watts.

Power consumption:

  Manufacturer Measured
< 130 W 101,3 W
< 2 W 0,7 W
< 0 W 0,6 W

In standby mode, the monitor’s power consumption is 0,7 watts. When it is switched off, it consumes 0.6 watts. Therefore, it is not true that the SyncMaster 245T can even generate electricity, as could be understood wryly from the "< 0W" on the CD included.

Only when the screen has been separated from the mains does its power consumption drop to 0 watts. In order to do this, the user can either use the power button located on the back near the power connection or an extension lead with a switch.

To sum up: the manufacturing quality of the SyncMaster 245T is excellent, with no ridges, no wobbling, creaking or cracking. The joints all move fluidly and smoothly.

The gaps are snug and the base is absolutely secured against slipping. Only smaller negative points such as the ventilation slots, which are too large, and the higher power consumption, remain.

There is also the buzzing noise that is possible caused by the power unit. At a normal distance of 60 or 70 cm from the screen, this is almost inaudible, even with a silent PC.

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