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REVIEW: GNR TG900 Part 3

Side view and swiveled view of the GNR TG900

Tilt function of the GNR TG900

The stand of the GNR TG900 is pretty heavy which adds to the overall standing stability of the monitor when it is being swiveled or tilted. The display can be rotated by 45 degrees to the right and left. The tilt to the front and to the back works within a range of about 10 degrees in each direction.

The height adjustability allows lowering the GNR TG900 down to 5 cm above the desk plate, whereas at its maximum setting, the distance measures 14 cm.

Lowest and highest setting of the stand

The joints of the GNR TG900 work comfortably smooth. It should be noted here that, at its lowest setting, the height-adjustable stand of the monitor snaps in when being lowered beyond a height of 6.2 cm and can only be altered again by using the mechanical switch at the rear side. The suspension point is intended for the LCD’s safe transportation.

Switch for unlocking the height adjustment

All in all, the fabrication quality of the GNR TG900 makes a very good and stable impression. Single point of critique is the not entirely leveled suspension point when using the pivot function. When the display is pivoted by 90 degrees, it locks in place just a tad too early. Whereas in landscape mode, the suspension point leaves enough clearance for leveling the monitor to horizontal by hand, where it remains in position.

In portrait mode, the GNR TG900 snaps in a little too early. In landscape mode, it can be rotated too far and needs some adjustment by hand.

Image quality

On the whole, the image quality offered by the GNR TG900 is good and in some parts better than many other comparable LCDs with TN panel. However, in terms of aspects such as contrast, color reproduction and viewing angle stability, the GNR TG900 very clearly can’t keep up with LCD monitors sporting VA or IPS panels. But naturally, this is something one wouldn’t expect from a TN panel display anyway.

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