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REVIEW: GNR TG900 Part 2

Design and mechanics

Front and rear view of the GNR TG900

With its silver frame and black housing, the GNR TG900 looks rather plain and functional and is certainly not one of those monitors that can draw a lot of attention by particularly fancy design traits. The upper part of the GNR TG900’s bezel is 1.8 cm wide, at the sides it is 2.2 cm and the bottom part measures 4.2 cm due to the incorporated speakers. The depth of the display together with its integrated power supply unit amounts to about 6.7 cm. Including the stand the depth adds up to 21 cm.

The glass plate of the GNR TG900 is slightly reflective

When the monitor is turned off, the glass plate of the GNR TG900 is slightly reflective, to a degree which is about comparable to a CRT monitor. However, the glass plate doesn’t reflect quite as much light as LCDs with "glare" coating do.

Although the glass plate is meant to be protective and makes a more sturdy impression than the normal kind of antireflective coating, the glass was already covered with small "wiping scratches" when we had received the test unit. Our review unit already must have been unpacked at least one time and, thus, it is quite likely that the glass plate had been being cleaned with the wrong cleaning agent. The scratches can not be noticed during operation of the monitor though.

Control buttons and Power LED

The control buttons of the GNR TG900 can be found on the black speakers bar just below the silver bezel. They feature a comfortable pressure point and are of great fabrication quality. The actual buttons are not labeled. Unfortunately, the labeling is engraved into the bezel and rather hard to read especially when it’s dark around. But as the overall operation concept is quite coherent, the OSD (On Screen Display) can be handled very easily after a short amount of time.

The Power button illuminates green during operation and yellow during standby mode. When the power button is pressed, the LCD turns off and the LED goes out. The LED’s brightness is never of any annoyance.

From left to right: speakers jack, D-Sub input, DVI input, power input

The GNR TG900 provides one DVI input, one D-Sub input and one jack for speakers. Placed at the rear side of the housing, the inputs are easily accessible. There is no cover plate for the connectors just as there is no cable run. And in this case, this can in fact be very functional because it facilitates rotating the LCD monitor by 90 degrees and in doing so the cables don’t get tangled up or don’t pull on the connectors.

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